Windows XP Task Manager

It is worth recognizing that Windows XP Task Manager – This is actually an indispensable tool in many cases. Through it, you can stop the operation of an extinct program, as well as hidden system processes, which simply cannot be reached in the usual way.

Windows XP Task Manager

It will also allow you to determine the speed of the computer, the load on the core of the central processor and still perform a lot of various useful actions. This tool itself appeared in the first versions of Windows – Windows 3.0 and older. And even then he had many functions specific to today’s Dispatcher.

How to call a task manager

There are two main ways in which the Task Manager is loaded in Wing HR:

  • By pressing the keyboard shortcut Alt-Ctrl-Del. Previously, this combination led to a computer reboot. However, now the Dispatcher calls;
  • Or by right-clicking on the Taskbar, followed by the selection of the “Dispot Manager” item in the context menu.

Windows XP Task Manager как открыть

Which way to use is to decide the user himself.

What does the Dispatcher offer

In it you can see the following tabs:

  • Applications – here is a list of all applications running by the user. Therefore, it is possible to stop their processes forcibly, as well as to view the properties of the application and perform a number of interesting operations;

Windows XP Task Manager главная приложения

  • Processes – But here, without the need, an inexperienced user is better not to meddle. Because it contains a list of all system processes. And, if by negligence “kill” any necessary process, you can get a completely inoperative machine. Also, malicious processes are often “kill” from here;

Windows XP Task Manager процессы

  • Performance – statistics on the operation of the central processor cores are displayed;

Windows XP Task Manager быстродействие

  • Network – the computer’s speed on the network is clearly demonstrated – whether it is a local network or a global one;
  • Users – a list of users who are currently working on this computer is displayed.

In a word, Task manager – This is actually a useful program that you need to learn how to

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