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In the information about the msinfo32 computer, you can find a mention of the term “Virtual memory”. It is located in the RAM section, but the value of such memory differs from the real volume of the RAM. What’s the matter?

Pump file

Virtual memory includes not only prompt, but also a swap file. This is the name of the system hidden resource of the computer into which information from the RAM is unloaded when performing “heavy” processes. In some versions of Windows XP, it is initially disabled. In other cases, the system automatically determines its size based on the computer configuration. But the user can set the settings manually.

Customize the swap file

Open the menu “Start”. Hover over item “My computer” and press PCM. From the context menu, call the properties of the object. Now go to the section “Additionally” and open the speed settings.System Performance OptionsAgain we need a section “Additionally”. Click on the only button inside the window. The menu of the Windows XP swap file parameters opens. Above are all the physical discs connected to the computer. Settings for each of them are performed separately. First of all, pay attention to the graph “Free:”.Count Free in Virtual MemoryIt displays the amount of unoccupied memory in the selected section. It is logical that the volume of the swap file should not exceed this parameter. It is highly recommended that the difference between them exceed 1 GB (in this case – 1024 MB). Otherwise, big problems may arise when operating the computer. Some system components will be turned off and appropriate warnings will appear regularly.Recommendation: if it is physically impossible to create a file for pumping the optimal size in the selected volume, then change it to another. An alternative is to clean the hard drive from unused data.

The optimal size of virtual memory

The Windows XP developer, Microsoft, believes that the initial parameter of the swap file should be calculated using the following formula: The real size of the RAM * 1.5 For example, if you have a computer with 4 GB of the operating room, it is worth exhibiting 6 GB (4 * 1.5 = 6). And for maximum value, the multiplier changes from 1.5 to 2.In fact, no mathematical calculations are required from a person. Just leave an automatic definition, the system itself will select the optimal parameters. A detailed setting is worth resorting only to experienced users who understand the meaning of this action. In other situations, set the parameter “Disarmament of system choice”.Automatically detect Windows XP virtual memory

Important: many people think that the more virtual memory on the computer, the faster it will work. In reality, everything is different. The Win XP swap file should not be thoughtlessly enlarged. This will only lead to a decrease in free hard disk space, which is far from always enough for everyday needs.

Also in Windows XP there is the possibility of a complete rejection of this function. To do this, go back to the virtual memory settings and put the last option to choose from. Changes will be made at the next start of the

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