Internet Explorer 8 для Windows XP

Along with the Service Pack 3 update, Windows XP has the ability to install the eighth version of Internet Explorer. Many people use third-party browsers, but this component is needed by some programs for full work.

Browser installation

First of all, check the version of Windows XP. As mentioned above, the eighth IE is only supported on Service Pack 3. Further updating is carried out in the following order:

  1. Download the distribution from the page
  2. Open the executable file and follow the installation procedure. It is advisable to disable the item that talks about help in improving the program.Start installing Internet Explorer 8Its activation will allow the system to send part of your data to Microsoft servers.
  3. Then select the update installation item and confirm the action.Installing Internet Explorer 8
  4. A computer will need some time to update system components. Along the way, files and data will be scanned for viruses.
  5. In the end you will be asked to restart the PC. Otherwise, the changes will not be applied, undeveloped data will remain. Therefore, it is highly recommended to immediately agree to restart.Rearload PC in Internet Explorer 8

The result of the described actions will be the receipt of IE8 for Windows XP. Now all the components of the system operating on its basis will function correctly. No errors or failures should occur. But if some kind of problem has appeared, then try to fix it using the methods described in the next section.

Possible problems and solutions

When installing or using the Internet Explorer 8 for Windows XP, some difficulties and problems may arise. Next, common problems will be considered.

Problem 1: Current language

When installing IE, it is very important to observe the identity of the installer language and system. If you initially have a foreign version of Windows, localized using Multilingual User Interface or a similar means, the Russian-speaking installer will issue a corresponding error. In this case, you should download the English version of the distribution and try to put it. In this case, the problem will disappear.

Problem 2: Not installed on Win XP

During the installation process, a message may appear that the Internet explorer does not work in the current OS. The reason for this error can be two circumstances: a system that is older than Win XP is used, or there is no 3 update package (abbreviated as SP3).First of all, you should make sure that you have an XP installed. You can view this information in the section “System”, which is located in Control panels.System Properties in the Control PanelIf so, then it needs to be updated to the latest version. You can do this with the built-in tools of the system, as well as in the manual way in which you need to download the distribution and install it yourself. You can still perform a clean installation of Wing, then you will not have to update it. But this solution to the problem is preferable for experienced users.

Problem 3: Skype

Skype uses Internet Explorer at the authorization stage. This component is needed by the login server connection program. If the built-in browser is not updated to the latest version or is incorrect, then various problems may arise. The first thing in this case is to download the Internet Explorer 8 for Windows XP, and then install it. If the error occurs again, then go to the “Displayer Properties” and reset them to the original values.Opening Internet Explorer 8Displaying Internet Explorer 8Do not forget to restart the computer at the

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