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Internet Explorer is the default built-in browser for Windows XP and other Windows issues. Microsoft is actively developing its own line of IE browsers for Internet sites, subsequently in the top ten, called Edge, but in fact, it still remains the same IE just slightly modified. This browser is not particularly popular with users, and the further, the less sites support it. You cannot delete it or install it, since it is a program built into the system, part of the OS itself, but it can be turned off or updated to a later version. And also delete the latest updates if the early issues liked more. For XP operating systems, IE support was discontinued in 2014, and versions after Internet Explorer 8 are no longer available for these operating systems. That is, downloading IE for Windows XP is no longer possible.Internet Explorer for Windows XP

How to remove Internet Explorer for Windows XP

By default, when installing Windows XP, the system will have the last browser available for this operating system for IE 8 websites. This is the last update for the old OS to remove it you need.

  • Open the menu “Start.
  • Next, click on the “Control Panel.
  • Further “Installing and deleting programs.

Installing and Removing Windows XP Programs

  • We find in the list of Internet Explorer 8 and click “Delete.

Delete Internet Explorer Windovs XP

  • The system will notify that the removal of the update may affect some programs, as well as previously installed components, we agree and delete.

Interrent Explorer 6 in Windows XP delete

Disable IE to Windows XP

After rebooting Windows XP, Internet Explorer 6 version will be active, you can’t delete it already, but you can turn it off.

  • To do this, we again open “Start.
  • Then click on the label “Control Panel.
  • Further, “Installing and deleting programs.
  • Here we switch to the category “Installing Windows Components.
  • We remove the IE check box and then confirm our choice.

Internet Removal Explorer Windovs XP After that, the built-in Internet Explorer Explorer for Windows XP will completely disappear from the toolbar, as well as from the “Start” menu.Windows XP Interrent Explorer deletedDo not forget to pre-load another browser, otherwise browsing the Internet without a browser will be problematic. You can turn it on again in the same

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