iTunes for Windows XP

Any person who has encountered Apple mobile technology is probably aware of iTunes. This name is a special program that serves to synchronize the gadget with a computer and transfer information. Moreover, the connection can be made using a cable or via the Internet.

iTunes Download

You can download iTunes for Windows XP at Note that it points to version 12.1.3 for x86 systems. The fact is that later versions can only be installed on older operating systems from the “seven”. Then open iTunesSetup.exe.

Important: Requires Windows XP SP3.

Installation for PC

Let’s take a closer look at the installation process. On the title page, click “Next”.Beginning iTunes installation for Windows XPThe next screen contains various settings: language selection, software location, and creation of shortcuts.iTunes installation settings for Windows XP

The option “Use iTunes as…” is worth a closer look. She is responsible for the fact that this program will be used as a standard music player. If a third-party audio player is already installed on the computer, it will replace it. It is recommended to deselect this item.

To download iTunes for Windows XP to your computer, click “Install”. Now the process of transferring files to the previously installed directory will start. It is not very long lasting. As a rule, everything takes no more than five minutes. And on productive computers it goes much faster. It is recommended that you do not start new system processes.

Transfer iTunes files for Windows XPAfter the copy procedure, a notification will appear.Launch the program at the end of iTunes installation for Windows XPActivate the option to launch iTunes, and then click on End. This completes the instructions for installing the program for this operating system. View of iTunes for Windows XP

Here is a way to download iTunes for XP for free. It is distinguished by its simplicity and convenience. But sometimes in the process of performing the above actions, various problems appear. Below are ways to resolve the most popular of them.

Common problems

During the installation of the iTunes application for Windows XP, users sometimes experience some failures. The first thing to do is simply restart your PC. Usually, this is where it ends. Unfortunately, this method does not work in all cases. Other common problems, as well as methods for solving them, will be discussed below.

Sometimes, this kind of problem occurs due to the work of anti-virus programs. It is highly recommended that you deactivate your security software while the installation is in progress. Then it can be turned on again.

You may receive a message that there is not enough disk space for iTunes. The installation process will then be interrupted. You need to change the future location of the program or clean up the memory. For example, delete unnecessary data. Choose the option that seems most convenient to you.Insufficient space to install iTunes

It is recommended to open the installation file with administrative privileges. How can they be provided? Open your downloads folder. Find the desired document and right-click on it. Then activate the item of the same name.

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    Данная версия приложения не работает на виндовс ХП-СП3. Приложение ставиться нормально. Но, после ввода АйДи и пароля – выдаёт ошибку, о том, что проблемы с сетью. Как это устранить?