How to set up the Internet on Windows XP

Configuring the Internet in Windows XP is not difficult. This applies both to the wire connection and to the wireless connection. In the first case, the parameters are set in the section “Network connections”, which is located in the Control Panel. In the second, everything is done with downloading drivers if they are originally absent in the system.

Connection settings

If the setting is for a wired connection, you need to know certain network parameters. But this does not apply to the case when the computer connects to the Wi-Fi router via cable. Regarding the wireless network, things are different. If the laptop is preinstalled Wi-Fi, then just download the necessary drivers and connect to the home network. The procedure for a discrete adapter is similar. It’s even easier for owners of 3G / 4G modems: just download the desired software, enter the PIN code of the SIM, if required, and activate the connection.

Method 1: Direct wire connection

Open the menu “Start” and click on “Control Panel”. There, switch to the classic display view, if this feature is present. Unlock the item “Network connections”.Network Connections in the Control PanelSeveral devices can be displayed in the window. Find the one with the status signed “Connected”, and double-click on it. There, select an item with a name “Internet Protocol TCP/IP » and discover its properties.Internet Protocol Properties in Network ConnectionsSeveral devices can be displayed in the window. Find the one with the status signed “Connected”, and double-click on it. There, select an item with a name “Internet Protocol TCP/IP » and discover its properties.Check the check boxes for manual input mode, and then specify the settings for your network. Button “Ok” will be a confirmation of your actions.Note: the Internet may not work even with the right parameters. This is due to the fact that your connection is configured on a network device with another MAC address. In this case, you need to call the provider and describe the problem, technical support will fix everything within a few minutes.

Method 2: Wired via Wi-Fi router

Now let’s figure out how to connect the Internet with a cable to Windows XP via router. In this case, detailed adjustment is not required, since the parameters of the device are already set in the right way. It remains to connect it to a computer or laptop via Ethernet cable. Important: two cables are originally suitable for the router: one for power, the second for the Internet. They do not need to be touched. Third connect to one of the free numbered nests, after which insert it into the network adapter on the computer. When the physical connection is completed, it remains only to configure the computer for correct operation. Most likely, even this is not required, the Internet will immediately begin to work. If this did not happen, then take the following steps:

  1. Open the properties of the current connection on the local network in accordance with the instructions from the first method.
  2. Go to section properties again “Internet Protocol …”.
  3. Install automatic receipt of IP and DNS addresses, then click “Ok”.Auto Internet Protocol Settings

Close the settings window and go to any program that works with the Internet, for example, to the browser. There you can check the connection status. If the instruction did not produce a result, then the problem with the router settings.

Method 3: Wireless

The Wi-Fi setting in Windows 7, as well as the external modem, differs from the wired connection. First you need to find and install drivers for the device. Usually they are included in the package, also available for download from the official website. The 3G / 4G shortcut is located on the desktop. Open it, and then click the connection button. The connected Wai-Fai will be displayed in the tray. Click on its icon, select the home network and enter an access code for

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