How to Set Up Remote Desktop in Windows XP

There is a huge amount of third-party software on the network for remote access to PCs. All of them are somehow paid. With disabilities in the free version, or in terms of operating time, or the number of connections. Thanks to this software, you can provide technical support and work with someone else’s computer, which can be located thousands of kilometers, in another country, as with its PC, via the Internet. One of these good programs is TeamViewer, with which you can remotely work with any computer that has the Internet.Remote Desktop Windows XPBut also Windows has built-in tools for working with a remote server or computer. To configure such a connection to Windows XP, and continue to work with this computer, you need to perform some actions.

  • Click on the menu button “Start.
  • Next, we need to select an item All programs.
  • In the pop-up window, select the section Ctandar.
  •  Here we are interested in the section “Connection to the remote desktop “.

Configuring connection to the Windows XP remote desktop

  • A window will appear, here we first need to go to the “sectionParameters.

Windows XP Connection Options for Remote Desk

  • On the tab “General»Fill the fields for connection. In the column “Computer»Invive the computer IP address. In the column “User»- the name of the local account.
  • Below click on the “buttonParameters»To enter the necessary settings.

Configuring Connection Options Remotely Windovs XP

Remote Desktop Connection Configuration

  • On the tab “Screen», you can adjust the color transfer quality and screen size.
  • Switching to tabs, you can configure the sound parameters and mark the repository for the downloaded files.
  • As well as other parameters, such as key settings, local resources, data transfer speed.

Please note that in the “Local resources»You can connect your computer’s disk to the server to be able to download and download your files. By and large, for the simplest remote access configuration, the basic settings have already been entered.

Win XP Remote Desktop

Now these settings need to be saved.

  • We return to the tab “General.
  • We click “Save as.
  • Choose “Ra subscription table“and we drive the name of the remote connection. We save and a new connection icon appears on the desktop.
  • Now click on the ” buttonConnect“and in the window that appears, we agree with the warning and press”Connect.

Everything, the settings for accessing the remote Windows XP desktop are successful. During the connection process, warning messages will appear on the screen, which must be answered in the affirmative, otherwise the connection will be canceled. If the connection is successful, a window with the remote server screen with the login and password input window will open. After entering the server’s credentials, a desktop will open with which you can work in the same way as with your personal

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