How to update drivers on Windows XP

Many novice users who are just getting to know a computer often heard a word like drivers or firewood, as they are also called more knowledgeable users. But they don’t quite understand what it is and why they are needed on the computer. To clarify with the simplest language, device drivers are special software that helps the operating system interact with various computer components. So, to play sound on a computer, it’s not enough for the motherboard to contain an audio adapter. We need to install special software for this interaction at Windows. These are the drivers. In most cases, Windows already contains a set of necessary drivers in its library and after reinstalling the system, only some of them need to be added. It can be video adapter drivers if the video card is discrete (i.e. removable, not integrated into the motherboard).Unleash drivers for Windows XPWith the development of the Internet and its availability, a task such as installing or updating drivers and utilities is not a problem. Now on the expanses of the Internet there is a great many special software that helps to solve this problem in a few clicks.

How to upgrade drivers to Windows XP using programs

One of these utilities that have proven themselves in the Internet is a program for updating Windows XP drivers – Driverpack solution. Its main difference is that it is free, and can work even in the absence of the Internet.DriverPack Solution Driver Update Program at Windows XPIt can be useful when after installations Windows XP it is found that the system does not contain the necessary network driver. And access to the Internet is not possible to install the necessary software. And there is no disk with the desired software at hand. In this case, on another computer you can download the program Driverpack Solution Offline on a flash drive and already on that computer where there are no necessary drivers to install all the programs and utilities. True, the program itself weighs a lot of about 12 GB, so the flash drive will need an appropriate size.Windows XPDriverPack Solution Driver Update After connecting the flash drive with the program and launching the pack driver, the utility will automatically install all drivers and recommended programs. The online version requires an Internet connection, but the principle is the same. Download a small installation file, after which the program will automatically configure the computer and install all the necessary programs. He will also offer to remove unwanted software (according to user statistics) if one is available on the computer.

Driver Update Using Driver Booster

Very good program that is responsible for updating Windows XP drivers – it is Driver booster. The program has a modern default interface in black design. Her work requires a permanent Internet connection. Since drivers swing directly from the network. Driver Booster automatically scans the system for outdated software and after downloading performs their automatic installation. The program itself is considered conditionally free, since it is possible to work with it without paying any fee, that is, without activating the license. But in this case, the speed of downloading and installing drivers will be very low, unlike a paid license, where all the software will be downloaded very quickly.Updating all drivers to Windows XPIn addition, Driver Booster is automatically prescribed for tray, that is, for autorun. And then, with each inclusion, it works in the background mode constantly scanning the system, loading the processor at the same time, and occupying some amount of memory. Many useful features in this program, in the free version, are not available. But overall for a one-time driver update, the utility is very good. After she performs the main task, she can be removed and set again when she is needed.

Driver Genius Driver Update Program

Utility Driver genius also does a good job of updating drivers, but unlike the programs described above, it does not have a Russian-language interface. Although the program itself, buttons and menus are simple and intuitive. But, not knowing the English language or the other that the program has, it will be difficult to deal with most of the functions.Driver Genius to upgrade drivers to Windows XPNaturally, software is useful and helps to cope with driver updates in most cases well. But sometimes universal drivers, which are predominantly installed programmatically do not fit some devices. This applies to game graphics cards, it is advisable to install special software on the website of the pay manufacturer. As well as some peripheral devices such as printers and scanners may require special drivers. As well as webcams, a universal driver for such devices may not work correctly or, at all, may not

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