How to make a bootable USB flash drive for Windows XP

More and more users, if necessary, reinstall the operating system, try to do it on their own. After all, in fact, the process itself is very simple. To do this, you need to have only a recorded image on a physical media, in particular, on a USB flash drive. The procedure for creating a boot media for both a disk and a flash drive is no different. But unlike the latest final version of Windows 10, where everything is simplified as much as possible, it is enough to download the special utility of the Media Creation Tool from Microsoft and with its help create a bootable flash drive, then to create a Windows XP boot flash drive you will need third-party software. Recording can be done using such programs:

  • UltraISO
  • DAEMON Tools
  • Alcohol 120 %

Windows XP Download FlashAnd not only, on the expanses of the Internet, there is a great deal of software for recording boot media. These three are the most common. Using one of them as an example, we will create a Windows XP bootable flash drive.

Creating a bootable flash drive step-by-step instruction

Before making a Windows XP bootable flash drive, you need to prepare the boot media. It should be a USB flash drive with a volume of at least 4 GB. Copy all the important data from it, as it will be formatted.

  • Then you need to insert it into the computer connector. If the recording is made on a stationary computer, then it is better to use to record the connector on the rear panel.
  • Download from the official website one of the above programs and install it. For example, we will use the program UltraISO.
  • And also, if necessary, you need to download the image of Windows XP.
  • We click in the UltraISO window the ” buttonFile“further select”Open. We are looking on the computer for the directory where you saved the image. And click “Open.

Windows XP Download Flash через UltraISO

  • Next, go to the tab “Self loading“and select the section”Write down the image of the hard drive.

Hard Drive Recording Windows XP

  • In section Disk drive select our media from which we will create a bootable flash drive.
  • We note next to the item “Verification»- this is necessary so that the recording is made without errors.
  • Recording Method USB-HDD +.
  • We leave everything else by default. And click “Zwrite.

Windows XP Download Flashlight Settings

If pre- flash drive was not formatted, it is advisable to format the media before recording. 

  • When a message appears in the program window that the record is completed, you can retrieve the media.

What program to create bootable flash drives chooseUnlike recording on a CD, writing an image to a flash drive is much faster. But here, there are more “chances” that the recording will be made incorrectly with errors, since the USB-flash drive itself can have damaged sectors. Accordingly, the installation of such an Windows operating system can be difficult. Program DAEMON Tools works on the same principle, the truth has a slightly different interface, more adapted to the latest version of Windows 10. As well as some of its functions in the Free version are unavailable, such as working with USB media. DAEMON Tools loading flash drive Windows XPUtility Alcohol 120 % also has a trial period during which you can use it. However, unlike UltraISO, the program will not work at the end of the trial period, a message will appear for the place of this with an offer to purchase a license. That’s all, in reality, everything is much simpler and faster than it seems. Which program to use to record a boot media, of course, only you decide. Try reinstalling Windows.

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