How to remove Windows XP from a computer

Removing the Windows XP operating system is simpler and more appropriate than the usual formatting of the hard drive. When we insert the Download or flash drive into the computer and boot from it, reaching the formatting phase, delete all available disks and system reserved sections and, in fact, format.How to remove Windows XP from a computer

  • To begin with, we need to boot into the BIOS settings and there select the boot order from the disk.
  • To get into BIOS you need to press the key during restart the system Del or F2. But it could be another key. Learn more about how to download the settings menu BIOSand you can on the website of the manufacturer of the motherboard of the computer.
  • In section BOOT settings BIOSand switch the boot priority from a disk or flash drive.
  • Again restart the computer and proceed to remove the Windows XP.
  • Having reached the point of selection of the disk for installing Windows, we delete all available sections further format the hard drive in mode Ntfs.

Formatting a hard drive to remove Windows XPTo understand the fundamental difference between fast NTFS formatting and conventional. With quick formatting, only the table of contents on the hard drive is cleaned, the information itself has not gone anywhere. In the process of recording new information, the old one is deleted and a new one is recorded in its place. After such file deletion, it is possible to restore them, provided, of course, that no new files were recorded. The usual way of formatting is to completely remove all available information on the hard drive, on which the information contained on it is instead of the information recorded on it, zeros are recorded in all sectors. After such formatting, data recovery is no longer possible.

Before how to demolish Bindovs XP make sure, that there are no important documents, the process irreversible.

How to remove the second Windows XP

Windows XP several installed OSBut there are times when not one Windows XP is installed on the computer. This happens in beginner users who are trying to install / reinstall Windows for the first time. When the formatting point is simply in inexperience or inattensibility passed and Windows becomes on top of the old one, while taking on a rather decent amount of disk space. And in the process of working, when there are already some files on the computer and the next reset is not very convenient. How to remove Windows XP in this case? And how to get rid of the notorious system selection record when loading?Depending on where the second Windows was installed, the methods for removing the unnecessary operating system will also vary. If both operating systems are on different disks, for example, one on the C : disk, the other on the D : disk:. Then unnecessary Windows can simply be removed from the Windows graphical environment by simple formatting.

  • Select the disc with unnecessary Windows, and click on it with the right mouse key.
  • Here you need to select the item “Format.
  • And it will only be possible to exclude the entry about the choice of Windows at boot.

Delete Windows selection record when loading

  • On the label “My computer“click with the right mouse button, select”Properties.
  • Switch to the tab “Additionally“we select the working OS, and remove the label from the”Display list of operating systems.

Remove Windows XP from Download

  • Now, when loading the OS, a window with the choice of Windows will not appear, and immediately the desired OS will be launched.
  • Next, open the system configuration with a key combination Win + r.
  • In the utility window “Run” we write a team (msconfig).
  • Switch to tab BOOT.INI and here we select the line with the operating system that you want to delete and click on the “button “Check download paths“.
  • A message appears that the record does not indicate the operating system, confirm the deletion of the record.

Removing Windows XP Record

Blend Windows XP completely

There is another extreme way to remove Windows XP from a computer is to delete through a command line. For this, a team will do:

del c: / s / q 

  • Run the command line through the “buttonStart“-“All programs “ – “Standard » – “Command line “.

Removing Windows XP through the command lineWe introduce a command and for some time we observe how quickly the Windows files are deleted, at the end you will need to restart the computer. That’s it, the operating system is deleted, now we can only observe the black screen message about it.Windows XP removedAttention: both operating systems will be deleted if they are installed on one local

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