How to Install Windows XP Emulator

Operating systems are developing quite rapidly, and with each new version, the issue of compatibility of applications and games written, for example, under XP in later versions of the OS – Windows 8, becomes more relevant, 8.1 and 10. For versions Windows 7 solving such a compatibility problem is installing a separately loaded component Windows XP Mode.Windows XP Emulator VirtualizationIf in more detail, then we have a computer running Windows 7, we install an additional package on it Windows Virtual PC, which allows you to create virtual machines. Inside it, we deploy Windows XP Mode – this is a virtual machine surrounded by Virtual PC in which we install XP Mode and, on which XP is already standing, in a sense, this is the Windows XP emulator. Due to additional updates, our applications, which we install in Windows XP, are broadcast to Windows 7, we get a virtual environment.

Windows XP Emulator for Windows 10

Windows 8 and 10 operating systems also have virtualization support, only now on Hyper-V technology. Where you can install a full-fledged operating system on a virtual machine. Hyper-V is the default in all new operating systems. But initially, when installing it is turned off, and to start working with virtual machines and, for example, install Windows XP, you will need to enable it in the settings for turning on and off Windows components.Enabling Hyper-V Components in Windows 10 for Emulation of Windows XPIf the computer processor does not support virtualization, then working with Hyper-V will not work, you simply cannot enable it, this item in the settings will be inactive.

Virtual car

If Hyper-V is unavailable due to limited technical capabilities, or rather, the processor does not support virtualization. In such cases, you can use third-party applications with which you can create virtual machines and deploy our operating systems in them. One of these third-party programs is Virtualbox. Here we can deploy as many machines as needed, any version and discharge. These are full-fledged operating systems operating in a virtual environment.VirtualBox for Emulation of Windows XP

  • To install Windows XP on VirtualBox you need to click on the “Create” button in the window of the running program. This is necessary in order to create a virtual hard drive for the subsequent installation of the operating system in it.
  • We set the name and select the version and discharge for our future machine, the system will automatically determine the size of the required disk space that will be allocated for installation. The amount of memory can be set manually, of course.

Create a virtual hard drive for emulating Windows XP

  • Further, we do not change anything in the settings, and three times in the master of creating a virtual hard drive we click “Next” – Next – Next.
  • Indicate the name and size of the file, as well as the path (the place on the hard drive where our machine will be stored).

We created a virtual hard drive, now we can install our operating system in it.Windows XP Virtual MachineWe click on the “Start” button and in the window that opens, select the section where we have the ISO image of the system. The further installation process will not differ from the usual installation of Windows

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