How to Install Windows XP

It is possible that today someone installing Windows XP will seem like a rather strange solution. Indeed: after all, newer versions of the Windows operation have long been released. In addition, Microsoft has already managed to officially announce the cessation of support for Khryusha. However, in practice, many computers around the world continue to function successfully on HR. There can be a lot of different reasons for this. It probably makes no sense to understand them here. Instead, it’s worth telling how Windows XP is installed from scratch. Moreover, this procedure is very different from that common in modern operating rooms.

Windows XP Installation Options

You can install Windows XP from a variety of sources:

  • From the attached system disk;
  • With a loading flash drive;
  • Or even by downloading all the necessary files from the network.

There are also several very specific ways, but they are so rarely in demand, so here, perhaps, they should not be to install windows xp

What needs to be done first

Not only before establishing HR, but also other operating systems, it will be necessary to carry out a number of mandatory actions:

  • Get an installation disc or installation flash drive;
  • Make backups of all your important data: after all, everything that was on the hard drive before that will disappear irrevocably;
  • Make sure that all the necessary drivers are at hand: XP did not supply with ready-made videos and sound drivers – so their installation will have to be done separately;
  • And also put as the source of loading the drive that is planned to be used: a flash drive, CD-drive or other device.

In order to implement the last point, during the start of the computer you will need to go to the BIOS. Usually the F12 key is pressed for this, however, for certain computer models, these may be other keys: refer to the documentation. In the bios settings, you will need to set the parameter: First Boot Device from CD-ROM, either a flash drive, or indicate that the download will come from network xp installation formatting

We start the installation

Once the download source is specified, you will need to insert the system disk, save the changes and restart the computer. If everything was done correctly, the drive will rustle – and an invitation to start installing Windows XP will appear on the blue screen. If you agree, you will need to press F8 – a confirmation with the License Agreement. A list of available partitions for installation will open further. Usually, C is selected as the system section. However, this is not necessary. Some users install even a few copies of the OS in different sections. In a word, select the section for installation with the cursor keys and then select the formatting method for this section. In most cases, “Formatting in the NTFS system” is suitable. It is in it that HR works. You can also select “Quick Formatting in the NTFS System. In this case, your data will not be destroyed, the formatting itself and the installation will also go faster. However, if the problem of loading HR was caused precisely by a problem in the system, or before that Windows XP was not installed, this should not be done. We agree that all the data in this section will be destroyed, Pressing the F key, then see how the progress bar of the formatting process is filled. This process can take quite a while – here it all depends on the speed of the computer and how large your hard drive is.copy windows xp installation filesAs soon as the formatting is completed, the computer will reboot, at this time no need to press any keys. If everything went well, then the necessary system files will begin to be copied.

Continuation of installation

After copying the most important files, Windows will go into graphical mode. It will be possible to read about the merits of the new Windovs in comparison with the old versions. Actually, at this time nothing special will have to be done. Unless to agree with everything that is offered. Although some actions will still need to be done. For example, in the first stages they will ask to enter a license code. If it is not, then the installation will be impossible to continue. Therefore, you should take care of the sticker with the code, or write it somewhere and store it to install the xp WindowsIf the entered code matches the original, then the installation will continue. Sometimes the computer will overload, sometimes “think” for too long. This is not necessary to be afraid: everything is taking its course.kak-ustanovit-windows-xpBut it’s too early to go for a coffee break. The system, for example, will ask which language we want to set as the main one, as well as set the time and date, give the name of the account (it can then be changed), register (or not) on the Microsoft server, update our operating system right now … In general, all requests are intuitive, so choosing the desired answer option will not be xp installationAt the final stage, the operation will inform that almost everything is ready, and will automatically configure the display parameters. However, until the video drivers are installed – therefore, the image will still not be of high quality. Finally, the computer will go to the last reboot, after which a familiar desktop with a photograph of a green hill will appear. We can assume that the installation is completed successfully.windos xp installation completed

Final stage

At the final stage of the installation of the OS, it will be necessary to taste the operating system itself, as well as install all the necessary drivers. How to do this is a topic for another article. As for the installation of drivers, everything is quite individual here, here is only a small list of the most necessary:

  • Video system driver;
  • Sound drivers;
  • Network drivers;
  • If necessary, you can install modem, printer and other devices.

As you can see, in the question of how to install Windows XP, in fact there is nothing particularly difficult. With certain skills, everyone can handle

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