How to find out the bit depth of a Windows XP system

As we know today, operating systems are available in two architectures, X86 and X64. The Windows X86 version is nothing more than a 32-bit OS, which appeared back in the distant 1985 and received the name (X86), of the last two digits in the names of the early versions of Intel processors. To this day, it remains that the 32-bit system is referred to as – X86.Not many users understand the difference between these two architectures. Outwardly, the differences do not appear, both operating systems seem to work the same way, and there are no differences in the graphical interface, but!What is the discharge of Windows XPThe fact is that the computer can only work with a binary calculation system, and the discharge of the OS is nothing more than 2 in 32 degrees and 2 in degree 64. Hence the fundamental difference, that is, what amount of OS memory can realize. 32-bit Windows will be able to work with RAM no more than 4 GB, but in practice even less, to be more precise, then it’s 3.5 GB. Why so? Because the number of bits in the range of which a processor limited to 32 bits can produce calculations. And even if there is 8GB preinstalled 32-bit operating system and more memory on a computer, this 32-bit restriction will not allow you to see and use memory more than 3.5 GB. By the way, X64 systems are able to work with memory in millions of terabytes, although humanity has not yet invented such plans for RAM.

How to find out the discharge of Windows XP

To know what kind of Windows discharge is installed on the computer is crucial for iron upgrades and for choosing drivers and utilities that are planned to be installed on the PC. On Windows XP, finding out what kind of bitterness your system is hard at first glance. Just because when Windows XP released a concept like the X64 did not exist yet, and by default it was a 32-bit OS. And, accordingly, in the system properties window, discharge was not indicated. But later, Windows XP was released in version X64. So how do you know the discharge of Windows XP?

  • This can be seen by clicking on the “buttonStart.

Windows XP Computer Properties

  • On the label “My computer»You need to perform the right click with the mouse and select the item“ in the drop-down context menuProperties.

How to find out the discharge of the Windows XP systemHere in the tab “General»We can see information about the system, version and discharge.

32-bit OSs are designated as Microsoft Windows XP Professional [year of release] Service Pack 3, but the X64 versions are indicated by a discharge of 64 bits or a line 64-bit can be flown there Edition.

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