How to repair the Windows XP bootloader

Sometimes unforeseen situations occur when the operating system refuses to load normally. At such moments, we can observe the endless download of Windows XP when the OS logo is displayed on the screen or, in general, the system gives a boot error, since the boot sector is damaged. This may be the result of a virus attack, inept configuration and system optimization by the user himself. This can happen due to improper installation of drivers or any utilities. A failure may occur during an incorrect shutdown of the computer, when the plug is removed from the socket without turning off the computer first through the Start menu. Or with an unexpected outage of the light. Sometimes the so-called blue screen of death may be the harbinger of a failure in the loading sector, after the appearance of which the system may not be loaded.

Windows XP Downloader Recovery

But not everything is so sad, in Win XP, restoring the bootloader is easy, as it might seem at first sight. To carry out manipulations to restore the Windows XP bootloader, we need a system image written to a disk or flash drive. The version and rank of the distribution of the Windows XP operating system should be the same as that set for recovery.

  • We record the image and load from the disk or flash drive. To do this, you need to get into Boot menu – depending on the model of the motherboard of the computer or laptop, to get into the OS loading menu you need to press one of the keys: Esc, F1, F2, F8, F9, F11, F12 and others. Here to choose our removable media.

Wing XP boot loader recovery from disk

  • Next, you should wait until the installation disk is fully loaded and you need to press the key in the installation window (R). This action is necessary in order to open the recovery console.

XP Download Recovery

  • Then you need to select the operating system (if it is one, then press the number (1)).

Download Value Team

  • In the recovery console we write a team fixmbr – this action will record a new Windows XP bootloader, confirm our choice with a key (y) what Yes means – that is, “Yes.

Windows XP Downloader Recovery  

  • Now you need to write the download code to the system partition of the hard drive drive. To do this, we write the team again, only now it will be a team (fixboot) and again (y) and Enter for final confirmation.

XP recovery bootloader

  • To exit the console we recruit a team Exit and again Enter. We are waiting for the computer to turn on, if everything is done correctly, then the download will go fine and the computer will turn on as usual.

As you can see, the whole procedure will not take much time, and simple, in

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