Error code 0x000000ed in Windows XP how to fix

Any Windows XP user may sooner or later face a serious failure – 0x00000ed. Its presence completely blocks the login. The error is displayed on the so-called blue screen of death, which speaks of its seriousness.

Causes of the problem

This error is associated with damage to important sectors of the logical partition of the disk on which the operating system is installed. Most often, it can be fixed through a utility chkdsk. Call it out through the command line when Windows is restored from the boot media. Consider the procedure in full detail.


With the causes of the problem, everything is relatively clear, now consider the option of how to fix the error 0x000000ed in Windows XP. Since the essence of the failure is to damage the disk section, you must start the correction procedure. Login is not possible, so you need an image to restore. You can study the instructions for its creation in the following material: “How to reinstall Windows XP” (see the section of the article of the same name). Next, the information will be summarized. On another computer, download the Windows XP boot image from a proven resource. And there is an important nuance: it must be identical to what is set for you. Check for Service Pack.Service Pack Windows XP VersionThen write it on a removable media or disk. On the main computer, go to the BIOS menu. It is called by repeatedly pressing Delete or F2 during reboot. There, open the Boot section, Boot Priority. Put in the first place the device on which the image of the system was pre-recorded. Then save the settings, paste the disk or flash drive and reboot.Optical Disk Download in BIOSA black screen with an inscription will appear, press Enter. This will start the installation procedure, but in this case it is not needed. In the same window, press R, which will cause a recovery tool. When the command line opens, enter the following request into it:chkdsk c: / rRun chkdsk on the Command LineThis will start the system partition scan procedure for errors along with recovery. When it is over, take the disc or flash drive out of the computer and drive the Exit request in the terminal. Then restart the computer and return the previous settings to BIOS. We are talking about the order of devices, in the first place should be a hard drive with Windows XP installed on

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