Windows XP Command Prompt

The Windows XP command line is a built-in Windows tool for solving a wide variety of tasks. Using the command line console, you can perform such actions as are impossible in the Windows graphical environment. Customize the operating system. For most users, the command line window itself, and even more so working with it, causes some fear. But not everything is so scary in fact. Basic knowledge, the principle of work, and some teams are able to help restore the OS, set up planned tasks and much more.Work with the Windows XP command line

How to call a command line in Windows XP

There are quite a few ways to call the command line, but we will consider the most common:

  1. Through the menu “Start»- where we choose”All programs“, then click on the menu”Standard“, and here we already choose the command line.

How to call the Windows XP command line

  1. The second way is to call the console through the built-in utility “Run»- here on the menu”Start»In the right column you can find this utility, run it and write a command in the dialog box cmd and click “Ok.
  2. Another way to open the “window”Run»and run the command line through it, this is a key combination Win + r.

There are still ways, but in most cases these three are enough, more than. Each user chooses one, more convenient and familiar way.

Settings and team line work

Before you start working, the command line can be customized for convenience.

  • To do this, you need to execute the right click on the top panel and select the item “from the drop-down context menuProperties.
  • Here we can make changes to the interface of the window itself – change the color and font size, change the font itself, adjust the location and size of the window for convenience. Change window color, background color, text color.

Windows XP Command Line Settings

Command Line Command List

Now the fun part. A huge number of teams, of course, all of them are not necessary to know. But basic basic teams are desirable to know. And the first question is where to look for them. And here the command line in which you need to register a team will help you.


Command Line Command List Windows XP A list of commands will open, and there are a lot of them. You can view more detailed information about a specific team if you type in the console:

Help (space, team – for example, dir) – the team will look like this – help dir 

Command Line Dir Command Team Windows XPHere the register is unimportant, you can write in both small and capital letters.

How to create a folder through the command line

The capabilities of the command line are difficult to describe in one article, so we will confine ourselves to a couple of simple examples – how to create a folder or several folders at the same time, which, by the way, is impossible from the Windows graphic environment. And we will configure the planned task of turning off the computer. It is very relevant when you watch a movie, you fall asleep and the computer remains on. In this case, you can set the time for shutdown and the PC and it will turn off on schedule. So, let’s start:

  • We open the command line as described at the beginning of the article.
  • To begin with, pay attention to which directory we are in order to move to a specific folder you need to write the full path to it, in our case it will be “Ra subscription table“and the path to it will look like this:

cd C:Documents and SettingsuserDesk 

Pay attention, team (cd) is responsible for moving through directories, further if in the address present gaps, then all address need to get in quotation marks.Being in the catalog, or rather, in the folder “Desk»We can create multiple folders. In this way: – team (md) is responsible for creating the folder, but if after the command md we will write several names of folders, let’s say that these will be the names of the planets, then we will create exactly as many folders as we will write them on the command line through the spacebar. An example of a team to create multiple folders:

md Mercury Venus Land Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune

Creating folders through the Windows XP command lineAnd confirm our action with the key Enter.  8 folders will appear on the desktop, with the names we listed through the space after the command. I wonder if it is? To create the same number of folders in the usual way, we would need a lot more time and action, creating each folder separately.

Turn off computer

Now regarding the planned task – for example, we listen to music in the Winamp player, and we want it to turn off at some point. The standard player knows how to turn off both himself and the computer, but Winamp does not know how to do this, so it will be advisable to ask him the planned task to complete the work at a certain time. How to do it. There is a wonderful team at Windows XP. The time to indicate naturally your own (in the example, time is indicated randomly).

at 11:00 Taskkill /f / IM winamp.exe / T 

Or completely turn off the computer, another team will do for this:

shutdown.exe -s -t 3600  

(numbers, mean seconds, after how many seconds the computer should turn off, in our case it is one hour or 3600 seconds).To facilitate working with teams and the command line, you can install the Notepad ++ program and write a command in it, and then save it with a resolution of .cmd or .bat. Then run this file. Then the computer will turn off exactly after the period of time that we set. You can cancel the planned task of turning off the computer with a command.

shutdown.exe -a

By the way, by creating such a violin, you can use it constantly without running the command

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