Setting up startup in Windows XP

The Windows XP operating system has such a built-in function as Auto Download – it is a means of automatically launching programs and applications along with the operating system. Many utilities, independently, without the knowledge of the user, are prescribed for autorun at the time of installation. And further, with each inclusion of the PC, they are loaded into RAM and work in the background. If there are many such applications, and the computer’s resources are unlimited, in particular, this applies to RAM, then the system begins to significantly slow down. The background applications that are automatically prescribed for autorun on Windows XP include various managers (Skype, Agent Mail.Ru, Viber, WhatsApp, etc.) also include torrents and cloud solutions. But, in addition to useful software, there may be malware. Their activities are in most cases hidden from the eyes of the user. And to see that the virus has settled in the computer, often, is possible only in the autorun. This also applies to potentially unwanted programs such as Yandex.Bar and various kinds of browser managers. Working constantly, they create a lot of inconvenience, changing the browser settings, and, in general, quite heavily load the system.

What is Windows XP autosetting – how to configure

How to solve this problem? How to disable the autorun of unwanted software on Windows XP? This can be done in several ways:

  • Through the system configuration.
  • With the help of third-party software, which we will talk about later.
  • And directly, in the settings of a particular utility, which is loaded automatically.

To disable or configure application startup, you can click on the key combination on the keyboard Win + r or by clicking on the menu “Start“and choosing the built-in utility”Run.Autoload Windows XP

  • In the field of the opened window “Run»we write the word (msconfig) and click “Ok.
  • Next, go to the tab “Auto Download»In the system configuration window.

Win XP Auto Download

  • Here you can observe a large number of programs and utilities that automatically start when the system starts. To disable their autorun with the OS, you need to uncheck the unnecessary checkmarks and confirm your choice by clicking “Ok.

Attention: Windows XP software autoset is a shutdown of programs. Configuring application downloads when the system starts does not remove them from the computer, but only excludes them from the list of programs that automatically start when the PC is turned on. All applications and utilities will also remain on the computer and at any time they can be turned on manually. The same applies to malicious and unwanted software, turning them off here in the autoset window, they will not go anywhere, and you will need to remove them from the computer on your own in other ways.

How to configure autorun using third-party software

You can also configure autoset using third-party software. One such program is the CCleaner utility. An excellent free program that should be on every computer with any user. There are a great many such programs on the network and you can give preference to any of them. Sikliner, here in the article, is described as an example. We launch a utility, which, by the way, has a fairly wide library of functions. But we are interested in autoruning. We pass to the tab “Service“, and here in the subsection”Auto Download»Turn on or disable the download of utilities at the discretion of the user.Disabling Auto Download Programs in CCleanerYou can turn off the automatic start of any program with the OS from the environment of the utility itself. Here you need to start the utility and go to the settings, in the settings find the section for autocomplating it with the OS

  • Using Skype as an example, we launch Skype.

Skype shutdown of autorun

  • Go to the menu “Tools.
  • Further “Settings.
  • In the subsection “General settings»Remove checkmark from the item”Run with Windows.

Shutdown Windows XPNow, after restarting the computer or laptop, Skype will not start. The procedure for excluding some other program will be different, but you need to look for this item in the settings of the utility itself. Good luck!

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