No sound on Windows XP computer what to do

Reasons why on PC with installed system Windows XP no sound, maybe a few. Conditionally, they can be divided into software and hardware.

  1. There is no sound driver.
  2. Infection of the computer with viruses.
  3. Hardware malfunction.

Windows XP is a fairly outdated system, and, accordingly, when installed, it does not contain most universal drivers as modern OSs. And a very common situation when the first inclusion of XP reveals that there is no sound. In this case, you need to install the necessary software from the disk, which was included in the computer when purchasing. And if there is no such disk, then you need to download the sound driver on the network. For most sound adapters, the Realtek HD Audio driver is suitable.Missing sound on Windows XP

No sound due to viral infection

In some cases, when sound disappears on a computer running Windows XP at some point, this may be the result of a viral infection. Malicious code, getting into the system, tries to bring as many problems as possible and primarily device drivers suffer. In this case, you need to scan the computer for malware detection, cure the computer, and then proceed to install drivers. By the way, the native antivirus may be infected and not see violators, so it is recommended to scan the so-called cloud scanners.

You can determine that the lack of sound is associated with a faulty driver through “Device Manager.

  • To get into it, click on the menu button “Start.
  • On the label “My computer“click with the right mouse button and select the item” in the listProperties.
  • Then we switch to the tab “Equipment“and here we need”Device Manager.
  • We look in the window that opens, among them there will be audio playback devices. We expand the list, there we can find several devices, and if one of them or more is marked with a yellow question mark, this means that the sound driver is damaged or missing.

Windows XP Sound Driver

  • We go to the website of the manufacturer of the motherboard of the computer and download the desired driver. After, it needs to be installed.

Why there is no sound on the Windows XP computer

Sometimes it happens that the sound disappears due to hardware malfunctions.

  • Faulty sound adapter.
  • The sound card connector is clogged.
  • Unfixed columns or subwoofer.

With the exclusion method, we try to identify the cause and, if possible, eliminate it. If everything is in order with the software, try switching the speakers to the front audio output.Audio outputs on the front panel of the computerIn most stationary computers, they are available on the front panel. And also try to connect acoustics to the smartphone and reproduce some composition. The audio plug is standard, and now you can rarely find a phone that does not have a standard audio connector of 3.5. You can also try connecting an external USB audio adapter, and connect the columns to it, provided that they are definitely working, that there are no breaks or damage to the cable, or plug.External audio adapter for Windows XP computerIf all attempts to reproduce sound on a computer were unsuccessful, and through the phone, the speakers work properly, the direct road to the service center is likely to have a sound card

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