Windows XP optimization how to speed up your computer

Optimization of Windows XP is a whole range of activities that need to be periodically carried out on a computer so that it always works shustro and without failures. Conditionally, Windows optimization can be divided into several stages:

  1. Cleaning the system disk.
  2. Defragmentation hard disk and registry.
  3. Cleaning the cache.
  4. Cleaning Temp folder.
  5. Installation and operation with utilities for optimizing Windows.

How to speed up a computer with Windows XP

How to speed up Windows XP using the built-in Disk Cleaning feature

First of all, we turn to Windows built-in tools, for this Windows XP has its own capabilities, such as cleaning the disk and cleaning system files.

  • We open “My computer“and on the local disk we perform the right click with the mouse, in the context menu we need a section -“Properties.

Local disk properties optimization Windows XP

  • In the window that opens there is a button “Cleaning disk“, click on it, the system will analyze the trash files available in the system, after which it will be possible to delete the files found.

Windows XP Disk Cleaning

Below is a graph where it is proposed to compress this disk for saving places to mark this item is not recommended. This can adversely affect the performance of the system as a whole, and places will save no more than 100 megabytes. We remove the label from this point and make cleaning.

Windows XP Disk Cleaning

  • If you switch to the tab here “Additionally“, then you can find several more partitions for cleaning system files, recovery files, temporary Windows components. Here you can also remove unnecessary programs on the computer.

Speeding up a computer with Windows XP

Defragmentation hard disk and registry

In the properties window of the local disk, in the tab “Service“, we can check the disk for errors and fix them if any are detected. The built-in utility is responsible for this function CHKDSK.Defragmentation and verification of Windows XPHere we can defragment hard disk. Usually, when working actively at a computer, we download something, delete something and so again and again. Himself hard the disc consists of many mirror discs that are divided into sectors. Each sector is the minimum addressed unit for storing information into which we write something, and then we remove something from it. Initially, on the new system, all information is recorded in order, but after deleting some previously recorded files, the disk space is vacated and new files are written to this place. If the sector is small for writing the entire file, then this file is divided into parts and recorded in different parts of the disk.Defragmentation of Windows XP hard driveThis is fragmentation when one file divided into many parts and scattered throughout the disk. Defragmentation collects all fragmented files together and builds them on disk in order. The process is quite long, in some cases may take several hours. The same applies to defragmentation of the registry, but it is better to conduct it using third-party utilities, which we will talk about later.

Kesha clean

this in case we are talking about cleaning the cache of the browser. This can be done manually, directly in the browser itself just by deleting the history (the procedure for cleaning the cache and cleaning the history of views in each browser is yours). Here in the image given a short list of hotkeys for calling the settings menu of a particular browser and a way to clear the history of the browser.Cleaning the cache of the browser Windovs XP

Temp folder cleaning

There is such an interesting Temp folder on the computer, it is located on the system disk in the Windows folder. And it serves for temporary storage of files designed to update, restore the system. Temporary files for installing programs, drivers and utilities are placed in this folder. Some programs after installation delete themselves temporary files, but most do not. And over time, the size of this folder grows to incredible sizes in dozens of gigabytes. Naturally, significantly reducing the speed of the computer, when the free disk space tends to zero, and it is not clear what exactly takes so much space. Tip, look into this folder and remove everything there is from there. You can’t touch the folder itself, but its contents can safely be deleted.

Temp Windovs XP folder numberInstallation and operation with utilities for optimizing Windows

The easiest way for a novice user is, of course, to optimize the system using third-party software. Utilitis, helping to optimize Windows on the Internet, is a great many both good and not very good – both paid and free. What kind of program to choose to solve the optimization problem, of course, only the user. But there is a wonderful program among them that should be on the computer of each user – this is CCleaner. Within the Free version, it copes with the bulk of the user’s system problems perfectly. For example, cleaning the cache of all browsers at the same time, correcting registry errors, defragmentation of the disk and registry, working with planned tasks and much more.CCleaner Assistant in Optimization Windows XPInstalled CCleaner, like any other program is very just, literally in a few clicks. Has a Russian-language, understandable interface. The program is free and easy to use. Even an inexperienced user will cope with it.AVG to optimize Windows XPHow to accelerate the work of Windows XP – for these purposes you can still pay attention to another program, from the so-called cliners a very good utility is AVG TuneUp – it is, of course, paid, but has a trial period when it can be tested before buying.Optimization of Windows XP using AVGIn terms of its properties and capabilities, it is probably difficult to find better. It’s easier to say, what this proga does not know how than list all her

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