Error 0x0000007b when installing Windows XP

The error 0x0000007b Windows XP occurs, as a rule, during the installation of Windows XP at the stage of copying system drivers. Moreover, even reboot does not help. After it, the installation will start anew, but then the system is again knocked out in a blue screen – and everything repeats.

Reasons for error

Mostly there are two reasons:

  • Incompatibility of the system with the existing hard drive;
  • Knocked down settings in BIOS.

Question resolution

However, whatever the reason, it can be resolved if you switch the Winchester mode from AHCI to IDE. This is done as follows.error 0x0000007b when installing windows xpFirst you need to go to the settings of the hard drive from BIOS. How to call BIOS itself – it depends on a particular computer. As a rule, this will require immediately after turning on the computer to press the “F12” key. Although it may be necessary to press on the F10, on the DEL or some other. Detailed information on this subject is in the instructions and accompanying documentation. After the BIOS has been released, it will be necessary to find the Main tab, and in it go to the SATA Mode section. By the way, the names of these points may also vary, depending on the version of BIOS. In other words, you will need to find a tab where the operation of the hard drives installed on the computer is configured.oshibka-0x0000007b-pri-ustanovke-windows-xpThen select IDE Mode instead of the previously established AHCI Mode. It remains to click on the F10 to save changes and exit settings with saving. There are also special programs with which you can integrate drivers to work with AHCI in the Windows XP distribution. But a description of how to do this requires a separate article. The essence of error correction in this way is the creation of a bootable ISO image of the Windows XP operating system with SATA AHCI drivers already integrated into it. From the disk created in this way, Windows XP is installed. If this did not help, then most likely the hard drive is either damaged or so modern that the method described above does not help, in it, the IDE mode simply does not exist. There can only be one way out: replacing the hard drive with another, older model. The fact is that the IDE mode appeared in the new hard drives after the popularly beloved Kriusha came out. So the developers simply could not foresee its

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