Application initialization error 0xc0000135 in Windows XP how to fix

For Windows XP, there are a large number of downloaded modules, they are required to run various applications. For example, a computer game will not be available to the user if he does not install DirectX. But this element is far from the only one that may be needed when working in the system. Sometimes when opening executable files, a 0xc0000135 error appears.

Error Appearance in Windows XP

What is this crash talking about?

The cause of the problem

If an error occurs in Windows when initializing the 0xc0000135 application, then the system cannot find .The Net Framework that is required to run the program. Rather, not the component itself, but its separate library – mscoree dll. And it may not be available even when No Framevork is already present in the computer. But, most likely, the desired element is simply not installed. Consider both problems and ways to solve them.

Problem 1: Missing .Net framework

Dealing with the problem and not getting into it much. Most often, the whole thing is the lack of the system component needed to run the program. In case of failure 0xc0000135 it is .NET Framework 4. It will be established according to the following principle:

  1. Download the installation package from the page
  2. Run the installation procedure, it is no different from other programs, while Internet connection is not required.

    Installation .NET Framework Windows XP

  3. Reboot the computer.

Important: note that installing the package .The NET Framework of the fourth version is only possible for the OS with Service Pack 3. If you have an early version of the system, then update it according to the instructions from our article “How to update Windows XP”.

Problem 2: The desired component is installed

Sometimes an error occurs even when No Framevork is on the computer. This suggests that its individual element (in this case, mscoree dll) is damaged or removed. The solution is very simple – download it from the Internet and move it to the right place.

  1. Download the file from one of the dll library aggregators.
  2. Move it to the local disk directory Windows/System32.
  3. If the error resumes, copy the file to the folder where the problem program is located.

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