The host process loads the processor in Windows XP

In search of reasons why the computer began to suddenly slow down, move, and, in general, behave extremely strangely, we begin to get to the bottom of the truth. And looking into the “Dispatcher of tasks” we notice that a certain svchost loads the processor at 25, 50 or 100 %, because of this, the system starts to work much more slowly. Especially when this happens in a mode of inaction or simply in standby loads processor on Windows XPWhen you personally did not start any tasks on your own, and at the moment there are no running programs and applications. What could it be?Host Windows XP processor loadingMostly this host load one kernel completely, if you have 4 cores on your computer, then accordingly, the processor load will be 25 %, on the 2 nuclear computer it is 50 % and on single-core computers – 100 % download. In this mode, it is extremely difficult for the computer to perform some other tasks, since the processor is continuously busy, hence a strong deceleration and reduced productivity. What to do when host loads the Windows XP processorWindows XP host loads processorIf in the task manager you find many host processes, do not panic, because it is quite difficult for services and programs to use one process, so the system launches several copies. There are many services, and Svchost is one. Normal Svchost will be launched on the Windows XP system on behalf of NETWORK SERVICE, LOCAL SERVICE or SYSTEM. If you just complete this loading system host, this will solve the problem only until the next restart of the computer. A process running on behalf of the user is malicious, in which case it is worth checking the system for a viral infection and curing the computer.Harmful svchost loads Windows XP processor

What to do when host is in autorun

And also Svchost.exe should not be in the autorun, if it is there, it is also a virus, it can be safely turned off and the problem with the treatment of the computer can be solved. You can get into the Windows XP autoload through the Run service, and to call it you need to press the Win + R key combination at the same time and write msconfig in the service dialog box. Once in the computer configuration, you need to switch to the “Download” tab and here you can already turn off the malicious process

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