Blue screen of death in Windows XP what to do

Almost every Windows XP user has a blue screen of death. The name BSOD is still found, it stands for Blue Screen of Death. An error can occur both during system operation and during installation. Immediately after it, the computer should be restarted or hanged. Sometimes you can see a fault code in the image, but this possibility is not always present.


In most cases, the cause of BSOD is related to PC hardware problems or compatibility driver conflict. It can also be caused by overheating of the processor or other component. Sometimes everything happens due to the wrong BIOS settings. The exact reason can be found in the text of the error, there it is recorded in the hexadecimal system. If necessary, it can be embedded in a search engine and studied the details. Initially, the computer is configured in such a way that the blue screen of the death of Windows XP disappears a few moments after the appearance.View of the Windows XP Blue Death ScreenTherefore, finding out a description of the failure is quite difficult. But this option can be deactivated from the system. To do this, open the directory “My computer”. Press PCM in free space and select the graph “Properties”. Switch to tab “Additionally”. Open “Parameters”, located in the section “Download and restore”. Remove the checkmark from the point “Follow automatic …” and confirm the changes.Shutdown automatic reset in Download and restoreNow the blue screen of death will be displayed until the user himself turns off the PC.

Problem solution

But what to do to get rid of Blue Screen of Death? Unfortunately, it is impossible to completely avoid the appearance of such an error. There is always a small chance of its occurrence. The user can only minimize it. To do this, you need to properly operate the computer: do not turn it off by disconnecting from the network, use only the original components for replacement, do not install unverified programs and drivers, conduct regular internal cleaning and replacement of the thermostat. The last two actions are not recommended for laptop owners who have not done this before. This mode of using a PC will minimize any problems. Now consider individual problems associated with the blue screen of death, as well as ways to solve them when turning off and turning on do not help.

Problem 1: Unable to install Windows XP

A blue screen may occur when installing Windows XP. The error will be critical, after which the installation procedure will be interrupted. In this case, it should be started again, and then complete the formatting of the hard drive in the file system by default. If this does not help, then the problem is most likely, consists in damage to the image of the OS on the boot disk or flash drive. It is necessary to download the workpiece and write it correctly. You can find out the details of the installation procedure in the following material: “How to install Windows XP”.

Problem 2: The computer is not included in the system, giving an error

In this case, most likely, the problem with the broken BIOS settings. It is worth trying to restore them to their original ones. To do this, go to the parameter menu (F2 or Delete when reloading the PC), go to the Exit section and activate the Load Setup Defaults item. Then exit while saving the settings.Reset and BIOS OutputThe system should load normally.

Problem 3: The computer with a BSOD error is regularly rebooted

Most often, the occurrence of BSOD is single. To correct them, no action is even required, after rebooting everything works stably. But sometimes a blue screen of death on Windows XP appears regularly. What can this talk about? The computer is not able to independently resolve the problem. This means that, most likely, the reason is the damage to system files, or this is a hardware problem. In the first case, it will be corrected by reinstallations of Windows XP.With the second situation, it is becoming more difficult, since an unprepared user will not be able to diagnose a problem. You can try to clean the computer and laptop from dust and dirt. If this does not help, then you should contact the service

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