Installing Windows XP from a flash drive

The process of installing the Windows XP operating system is very simple, but not knowing some nuances, or rather, the actions that need to be performed at different stages of installation, such a simple task as installing Windows XP from a flash drive on computer may be overwhelming for an inexperienced user. Windows XP flash driveSo, let’s get started: Before we start installing the Windows XP operating system from a flash drive, we need to do some manipulation. In particular, we need a boot media – a USB flash drive with a volume of at least 2 GB. If the image has two versions 32 and 64-bit, then the media may require more. From a flash drive you need to copy all the important data to a safe place. Write to disk or copy to the removable hard drive, since the flash drive will be formatted to record the boot disk. The process of installing on a computer and on a laptop is fundamentally no different. Except for the BIOS input keys to change the load priority from the removable media. Here, we will not tell how to make a boot flash drive, it is described in detail in another article – How to make a Windows XP boot flash drive. Here we will directly install / reinstall Windows XP. To begin with, we need to prioritize the download from the removable media, this can be done on the menu BIOS.

  • Reboot the computer or turn it on.
  • At the time of reboot, the fillings actively press the key to get into BIOS. This is usually a key Del. But in different models it may differ, it can be and F2 and F10 you can find out if you pay attention at the time of verification POST.

Checking POST Windows XP

  • Download from the menu BIOS and move the arrows on the keyboard to the tab Boot.
  • Here we select our boot flash drive and put it first. Save key changes F10 and restart the computer by clicking Esc.
  • Now, if everything is done correctly, you will need to press some, any key on the keyboard, when the corresponding message appears on the screen, otherwise the computer will start in normal mode.

How to install Windows XP from a flash drive

Now the fun begins.

  • We are waiting for all the components of Windows to boot.

Creating a disk when installing Windows XP

  • The next step will be this section creation. Press the key (C), to create a section. In the input field, write in MB what size a disk is needed to install Windows.

Installing Windows XP from a flash drive

  • After, the created section needs to be formatted, click Enter, and reaffirm the action and wait until the disk is formatted.

Disk formatting when installing Windows XP

At this stage, during the computer reboot, you need to remove the flash drive, otherwise the Windows installation process will begin anew.

  • The computer will restart and the installation of Windows XP will begin.
  • Here you need to be patient, the whole process lasts about 30-40 minutes.

Windows XP flash drive installation processThen you need to set the date and time, as well as the time zone. If you need to create an administrator account and set a password for it. After which the computer restarts again and it will be possible to install drivers and

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