The language bar disappeared in Windows XP, what to do

It happens that on Windows XP operating systems the language switch button suddenly disappears. In this case, then users may have difficulty with language settings or switching, not everyone knows how to use hot keys. Not to mention the fact that many simply do not know which key or combination is responsible for switching the language. This button can also disappear in Windows XP due to the inept actions of the user himself, when clicking on the language switch with the right mouse button to bring up the settings, accidentally select the “Close language bar” item and then confirm the action. Naturally, she will disappear, where to look for her now? Everything is very simple.

Windows XP Language Bar

Win XP language bar disappeared

  • Go to “Start“.
  • Switch to “Control Panel“.
  • Next, we need a regional and language settings section.

regional and language Windows XP settings

  • Click on languages ​​and regional settings.

Windows XP language settings

  • Then select the item “Languages” where we click on the item – “Details“.
  • Next, we need to select the section – “Language bar“.

Change Windows XP language bar settings

  • And here check the box – “Display the language bar on the desktop“.

Display Windows XP language bar

After that, this same panel will appear at the top of the screen, you can collapse it by clicking on the small picture on the right.

Windows language bar XP

When the language bar disappeared in Windows XP, after all the manipulations described in the article, we safely returned it to its place, it remains only to find out which key combination is responsible for switching languages. By default, the system uses two keys simultaneously pressed to switch the language – this is Shift+Alt, it can also be Shift+Ctrl. There may, of course, be another combination, or one key, but only if the changes were made manually by the user.

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