Windows XP password recovery and reset

The Windows XP operating system has an embedded Administrator account. And when installing the system, users usually create their own administrator account, then the built-in becomes invisible in the Windows graphical environment. And if for some reason you forgot the key to the Administrator, it is easy to change or completely remove, there are several ways to do this.

  1. Download computer through safe mode and there delete or change the password.
  2. Use hotkey combination Ctrl + Alt + Del.
  3. Through the registry editor using the command line (in this case, you will need a boot disk or flash drive with the image of the Windows XP system).

Reset and recover password from an account on Windows XP

How to reset password on Windows XP

Here we will describe the easiest way to reset the Windows XP password through secure mode. Since this OS still has such a loophole. Disabling the Windows XP password is easy, unlike later versions, where you can only restore access to the computer: either using a specially recorded disk with keys, or through a registry editor. Working with the command line console, and not all users will risk making changes. There is a chance to do something wrong, and subsequently you will have to, in general, reinstall Windows.How to reset password on Windows XP

Reset password from Windows XP via secure mode

So, let’s start: How to remove the Windows XP password? Very simple – for this you need to download the computer in a safe mode.

  • You can do this when restarting, repeatedly pressing the key F8. With the arrows on the keyboard, select a secure mode and click Enter.
  • Next, select “Administrator. Not the one you created yourself, but built into the system, provided that it is not protected.

Administrator Password Recovery and Reset Windows XPAs already written above, when creating a user administrator, the built-in becomes inactive, and you can see it only in safe mode.

  • The system will start in a safe mode, where you can safely go to “Start.
  • Further “Control Panel.
  • User accounts. Here we delete the password from the Administrator or set a new one.

Password reset on Windows XPYou can also click on the start screen of the user’s selection, double-click the key combination Ctrl + Alt + Del and in the window that opens, write “Administrator“and click”Ok.Password deletion on Windows XPThe system will start in the same way on behalf of the administrator, where you can delete the password from the user admin

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