1Password: Online password management client for Linux

Previously, Linux users had to resort to a console or browser for online password management 1Password, now they get full desktop convenience.

 1Password: online password management client for Linux

The 1Password project has the presented the first beta version of its online password manager for the Linux desktop. The project manages passwords, keys, certificates, credit card data, addresses and other access information for companies, teams, families and individuals on its servers and offers access via different platforms.

System clients for macOS were previously available , iOS, Windows, Android, Chrome OS and the Linux console, as well as the web client 1Password X for Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge. For the new Linux app, the developers promise a high degree of integration into the Linux desktop with all the usual convenience and support for biometric login procedures.

The backend is written entirely in Rust and uses the Ring crypto library for end-to-end encryption and React for the component-based user interface. The developers want to ensure tamper-proof authenticated encryption, brute force protection with PBKDF2, secure vault sharing and account recovery. The security design can be found in the 1Password whitepaper.

The new Linux app is equipped with a quick search in the accounts with search suggestions. The unlock screen shows all accounts set up and allows the use of different passwords. In addition, the watchtower dashboard provides suggestions for increasing password security. In addition, you can use the Move Items dialog box to release individual elements and overview the releases. Account data can also be exported.

 1Password: Online password management client for Linux

You need an account at 1password.com to use it. The prices depend on the account type. Available are: Individual, Family, Team, Business and Enterprise. The service includes automatic alerts for compromised websites and vulnerable passwords, one-to-one support, a digital wallet, and a travel mode that erases and then restores sensitive data on devices carried at border crossings.

For open source teams, 1Password sets up free accounts. All you need to do is register via the 1Password for Open Source Projects GitHub page.

The binaries of the Linux desktop app are available as apt and RPM packages for Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, Fedora and Red Has Enterprise Linux ready as well as the Snap Store. There is also an AppImage for distributions that are not yet supported.

The developers explicitly point out that individual functions are still missing or only incompletely implemented in the beta version. In addition, this first version is only suitable for testing and validation purposes and is not intended for business-critical environments. A first stable version of the Linux desktop app is planned for early 2021. Until then, the project points Linux desktop users to the 1Password X web client.

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