After production problems: Apple wants to use displays from BOE again

The Chinese OLED producer was in trouble because of unsolicited design changes. Now he could qualify again for the iPhone supply chain.

 After production problems: Apple wants to use displays from BOE again

According to a report, Apple plans to use “iPhone 14” to reach for the panels of the Chinese display specialist BOE – although they were initially dropped from the bidding round. As reported by the electronics trade journal The Elec, which is published in South Korea, an evaluation phase with BOE screens will begin this week.

Back and forth with the panel supply

It was still May Information was given that BOE Technology – which is central to China’s modern OLED screen business – has lost Apple’s orders for the next generation of iPhones. BOE was supposed to build around 30 million OLED panels for the “iPhone 14”. It was said that these orders would now be passed on to the two other screen suppliers, Samsung and LG Display.

The reason for Apple’s switch is that BOE Technology has apparently made technical changes to the design of the panels to be supplied, which Apple but apparently only noticed by chance. The so-called circuit width of the thin-film transistors was increased, apparently in this way the production yield (yield) should be increased. Apple, in turn, didn’t like that at all with its exact quality specifications. Attempts by the BOE management to intervene directly in Cupertino are said to have failed.

New chance for BOE Technology

Apparently the situation has calmed down again. It remains unclear whether this also has something to do with the general supply problems with electronic components or whether BOE Technology managed to convince Apple in some other way. According to The Elec, the Chinese producer is now hoping to land a deal by the end of the month. Then mass production would start in July or August. BOE should be responsible for the standard models, not for the Pro variants. As usual, the other panels come from Samsung Display and LG Display – both would then be a few weeks ahead of BOE Technology.

Apple had noticed the BOE changes in iPhone 13 displays. This caused a slump in supply as early as spring. In the meantime, the Chinese company from Cupertino is said to have received a “re-approval”, i.e. a new provisional production permit. But only this week’s evaluation will show whether BOE panels really end up in the “iPhone 14”. However, the quantities should be comparatively small – The Elec speculates over 5 million panels if everything goes well.

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