AlmaLinux 9 catches up with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9

Version 9 of the RHEL clone AlmaLinux OS was released just a few days after the submission. In addition to ISOs, there are various live, container and cloud images.

 AlmaLinux 9 closes in on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9

Just a few days, After Red Hat released its Red Hat Enterprise LInux 9 update announced at this year’s Summit, the AlmaLinux OS project is following suit. AlmaLinux OS 9.0 – codenamed Emerald Puma – is fully compatible with Red Hat’s RHEL 9. This serves as the upstream for the project and represents the four platforms Intel/AMD (x86_64), ARM64 (aarch64), IBM PowerPC (ppc64le) and now also for IBM Z (s390x) ready. According to the version number, kernel 5.14 is used as the kernel.

 AlmaLinux 9 closes with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 on

The free enterprise distribution contains extensions for cloud and container development and is also available as an image for various cloud and container architectures. Of course, AlmaLinux benefits from the RHEL improvements in the areas of security and compliance, among other things. GCC11, Python 3.9 and the current versions of LLVM, Rust and Go compilers are intended to simplify the modernization of applications.

The AlmaLinux project was created in early 2021 under the name Lenix as an alternative to CentOS after Red Hat announced that it would switch its own RHEL clone to rolling release. The project now runs under the aegis of the AlmaLinux Open Source Foundation

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