Apple: App Store supports 400,000 jobs in Germany

The “iOS App Economy” remains a growth driver in Europe according to Apple. The forced opening of app stores by the EU Commission is looming on the horizon.

 Apple: App Store supports 400,000 jobs in Germany

Business with Apps are booming: The iOS app economy is experiencing “record growth” in Europe and has now created over 2.2 million jobs, as Apple announced on Wednesday. The App Store now supports over 400,000 jobs in Germany alone. In addition to the area of ​​software development, this also includes jobs related to design, sales and other areas.

Growth among smaller developers

According to a study financed by Apple, smaller developers in particular benefit annual revenue of less than $1 million from the growth in the apps business. According to the press release, this segment has more than doubled its income in the last two years and has thus grown much faster than large app providers.

Almost half of today’s large app providers are in front Haven’t even been on the App Store for five years or only “earned less than $10,000” there. According to the group’s figures, 24 percent of the new developers working in the App Store came from Europe.

More and more companies are using apps to reach new customers, even outside their own national borders: 40 percent of downloads are lost according to the study to users in other countries. Apple also wants to use the figures to underline the importance of the app marketplace.

EU sets rules for app shops

The group has been publishing data on the iOS app economy for several years, including in particular the European business – since the start of the ongoing tax dispute between Apple and the EU Commission.

The Digital Markets Act now threatens comprehensive regulation that could enable alternative app stores on iOS for the first time. The central app stores of the operating systems, including Apple’s App Store, will probably have to open up widely – and allow developers, for example, to offer a direct payment option. Apple warns against forced opening, this will cause a flood of malware and undermine trust in the marketplace.

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