Apple CarPlay of the next generation: nothing works without an iPhone

Much remains to be seen with Apple’s new CarPlay, which should take concrete form at the end of 2023. Now there are more details.

 Apple CarPlay of the next generation: nothing works without iPhone

The iPhone will also play a central role in next-generation CarPlay. At the opening keynote of the WWDC developer conference in early June, Apple for the first time gave a foretaste of the expansion of the system, which up to now only expanded the car’s infotainment capabilities with selected apps from the iPhone and a typical Apple design. Now further initial details have become known.

With the next generation of CarPlay, Apple is planning to extend the system to all screens in a car. The display and instrument panel as well as various controls such as the air conditioning and car radio are to be replaced visually by an Apple design. Users should be able to choose between various modern and classic ads. In addition, iPhone widgets will play a role and enable additional displays on the car’s screens.

Apple has entered into partnerships with several car manufacturers for next-generation CarPlay. The first cars that support the system are to be announced at the end of 2023. The vehicles can probably be expected from 2024.

A lot of things remain approximate. What has been shown to the public so far is only a small part of the next generation, as can be heard.

 Apple CarPlay of the next generation: Nothing works without an iPhone

It doesn’t work without an iPhone

One thing is certain: drivers will not be able to use CarPlay without an iPhone in the future either. A separate operating system for the car is apparently not planned, so the mobile phone should also process a large number of the data directly in order to then send them back to the car, which then displays them on the screens. Voice control should start with the command “Hey Siri” be possible.

Doing without their own operating system may also open the door to manufacturers not having to work exclusively with Apple. To compare with Google Automotive, Google is planning its own operating system for the car.

Despite the transmission of a large amount of vehicle data, the car will still be able to communicate wirelessly with the iPhone. The connection to the driver’s iPhone also enables customization, as users can choose from different layouts for the instruments. It is already the case that with CarPlay, the individual apps of the user and the stored content of the iPhone are available when the connection is established, so that the vehicle can be easily personalized, for example when renting a car.

 Next-generation Apple CarPlay: iPhone is essential

Special solution for time-sensitive instruments

Set a challenge for Apple and the car manufacturers, there are real-time data systems that require the lowest possible latency between collection and display. For example, it would be a hindrance if the speed display first had to go via the iPhone. Apparently it is part of the agreement between Apple and the car manufacturers that solutions are found in the car and the display still appears in an Apple design.

Can car manufacturers have a say?

It is It is a big question to what extent the car manufacturers will be able to set their own accents with the instruments and controls in the future. Until now, the dashboard has been an expression of a car’s character. At Apple, you can see the desire for an individual look and at the same time pursue the goal of offering users a uniform experience, they say. Apple has not yet provided any information on exactly how this is supposed to work.

The Apple Watch could be a model, which also offers uniform dials for customization across all devices. At the same time, Apple has partnerships with brands such as Nike and Hermès, as a result of which additional watch faces in the brand’s design are offered on cooperation devices.Nevertheless, the appearance is ultimately largely determined by Apple and the manufacturers cannot make changes themselves.

Only a small part of the whole

Everything seen so far is only intended to be a foretaste and a small one Be part of how the next CarPlay will be presented in the first cars. For many years there have been rumors about a car that Apple could develop alone or in cooperation with car manufacturers. In recent years, a large number of expert personnel from the automotive industry have also switched to the IT group and in many cases left again some time later.

This is new for the existing CarPlay

The changes to the existing CarPlay in iOS 16, which will be released in the fall, are within reach. In this way, Siri can send new messages without the user having to say them again. In addition to additional app categories that are permitted, there will also be the option for navigation apps in the future that the map display will appear in the so-called “cluster”, i.e. in the dashboard. Up until now, this was reserved for Apple with its map app in suitable vehicles.

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