Apple Music now also available via Waze

The Google navigation service and Apple – do they go together? Surprisingly, yes, but only on one platform for the time being.

 Apple Music now available through Waze

Apple services on Google devices or in a Google app? The idea is not completely new, since last year there have been Apple TV+ offers on Chromecast sticks or via Google TV or Android TV. Now Apple is also adding to the official application of Google’s navigation subsidiary Waze.

It streams so beautifully

As Google itself announces in the official Waze blog, it will be possible in the future to stream music from Apple’s streaming service Apple Music directly in Waze play. Previously this was only allowed with competing offers like Spotify . The idea is that users don’t have to leave Waze while navigating to hear audio content – the interface is also adapted to be used while driving, so that there are as few distractions as possible.

Um Of course, to use Apple Music, you have to have a subscription to the service, which costs 10 euros a month. The connection is made via the audio app menu. After selecting Apple Music, all that remains is to connect the service to Waze; this gives the Navi app access to the user’s Apple Music profile.

No more switching necessary

The usual Apple Music content should then be imported directly from the audio player into Waze – that’s currently around 90 million tracks, tens of thousands of curated playlists as well as Apple Music Radio and other radio stations available via Apple Music. Previously, you could also hear Apple Music sounds while using Waze, but you had to switch to the music application, which is not that easy (and roadworthy) while driving.

A shortcoming of the Apple Music support in Waze still exists: currently it’s only available on iPhone, although Apple Music has been available for Android for years. Whether the support will be handed in later remains unclear. It has also not been leaked which deal Apple and Google have concluded for Apple Music support – so it remains unclear whether Apple is paying money to the search giant for Waze support or whether it is otherwise benefiting from the new function – for example through subscription percentages. which ultimately could create more Apple Music users. Waze is free to use and downloaded here for iOS.

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