Apple Watch: Major health innovations are said to be in 2022

According to a report, Apple is working on detecting high blood pressure and fertile days. With regard to diabetes, the group is standing still.

 Apple Watch: Major health innovations supposedly not until 2022

Apple wants the health functions expand his smartwatch significantly, but it supposedly needs more time. The manufacturer is working on integrating a thermometer into the Apple Watch, which should give users a better insight into the cycle and fertile days to help with pregnancy planning. These functions are planned for 2022, as the Wall Street Journal reports, citing informed people and internal documents from the manufacturer. The temperature sensor should also improve sleep tracking and possibly detect fever at a later date.

Blood pressure and improvements

According to the report, Apple is also trying to develop a method for measuring blood pressure on the wrist to find and thus enable a reliable warning of high blood pressure. However, according to the Wall Street Journal, this cannot provide common base values ​​for systolic and diastolic blood pressure – Apple employees would therefore question the usefulness of the function.

Apple is also working on improving existing functions with regard to Cardiac arrhythmia (atrial fibrillation) and blood oxygen measurement – the latter is not yet for “medical purposes” thought. With the required approval, it could warn of a sharp drop in blood oxygen saturation.

Little progress is said to have been made in diabetes detection

The manufacturer is also continuing to research diabetes detection, but the non-invasive measurement of the Blood sugar levels on the wrist remain a significant challenge and Apple is largely standing still, writes the business newspaper. Together with the National University of Singapore, Apple is testing lifestyle coaching for people with prediabetes, who wear a standard blood glucose meter.

There has just been speculation that the Apple Watch Series 7, which is expected in a few weeks, will have one new blood pressure sensor, but well-informed observers consider this unlikely. In the spring it became known that Apple is interested in sensor technology from a British company that, among other things, is supposed to record blood values ​​non-invasively on the wrist. However, it is not expected to be ready for the market until 2022 at the earliest.

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