Apple Watch Pro: What Apple is said to be planning for the new model in the fall

The rumor mill’s predictions for a more expensive, more robust Apple Watch are becoming more concrete. A better low power mode should not be off the table yet.

 Apple Watch Pro: What Apple is said to be planning for the new model in the fall

The larger one supposedly planned for the fall Apple Watch is said to be a kind of Pro version of the digital clock. According to Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman, the name hasn’t been leaked yet. However, interested buyers should definitely be prepared for a higher price level, which ties in with the Apple Watch Edition.

The Apple Watch Pro should be able to do that

The new, more robust Apple Watch should be able to have a two-inch diagonal display, i.e. larger than the 45mm version of the watch. The screen should also be more break-resistant. According to Gurman’s report, the options for tracking running and swimming workouts are better, the battery lasts longer and the case is more robust. Since Apple is not planning any plastic or rubber casing, titanium is assumed as the material because it can withstand more than steel.

With the new watch, Apple wants to attract extreme athletes as buyers and all those who have previously bought a high-end – prefer a Garmin watch for their workouts. But anyone who just wants a larger display, a stronger battery or the robust exterior should also feel addressed by the watch.

The previous Apple Watch Edition is a collection that is larger in size and features equivalent to the aluminum and steel Apple Watch. The difference is the titanium case. Prices start at 829 euros. Since the suspected Apple Watch Pro has a few more differences, the prices for this should probably be in the four-digit range. This would also fit Apple’s other pricing policy for products with the Pro designation. It also wouldn’t be surprising if Apple completely replaces the Edition collection.

Low power mode still in the works

Meanwhile, a better energy-saving mode is under discussion for all new watches. Gurman had already predicted the update to the Low Power Mode for watchOS 9 in the spring. At the WWDC developer conference, however, there was nothing to be seen in the new products. According to Gurman, the feature is still a work in progress and he expects it to be included in the final software in the fall. For comparison, he mentions the lockdown mode on the iPhone, which was first introduced with developer beta 3 and explained in a separate press release from Apple all functions are shut down to the time in order to at least keep the time display for as long as possible when the battery level is low. In the future, it should be possible for certain apps and system functions to continue to be available at a low level. Exactly which one is not yet known. According to Gurman, it could also be that this new low-power mode is linked to the new hardware. In addition to the Apple Watch Pro, he expects the Apple Watch Series 8 and a new Apple Watch SE.

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