Apple Watch Series 7: Onscreen keyboard still not working

Thanks to the larger display, one of the main innovations in the computer clock is direct typing on the screen. However, that doesn’t go on in German.

 Apple Watch Series 7: Onscreen keyboard still not working

Even over 100 days after Since the start of sales of the Apple Watch Series 7, one of the main innovations is still not available for German-speaking users: the use of a new onscreen keyboard for text input.

Bigger screen for typing

Mid-October 2021 As is well known, the new seventh series of Apple computer watches comes with an even larger screen, which, according to Apple, should be able to display around 20 percent more content than the previous Series 6 model. That’s why a real on-screen keyboard was implemented for the first time, with which you can type with your finger as well as also “wipe” (“Swipe to type”) can be used to formulate words and sentences faster than voice input or the previous scribble function with individual letters.

The problem: So far, the keyboard is only available in English language is available – and only if the system language of the computer clock is set to English, which not every user likes. Although Apple has now released some watchOS updates up to the current 8.3, nothing has changed about the missing keyboard in many regions of the world. It wouldn’t be really difficult to integrate them: Interestingly, when the system language was set to English and a German keyboard was available on the paired iPhone at the same time, the keyboard was sometimes in “QWERTZ” form, i.e. with umlauts.

&quot “Bug” with German keyboard “fixed”

But that wasn’t really helpful, because the integrated word recognition, which is essential for the mini-keyboard to make operation bearable, remained in English. Meanwhile Apple has this “Bug” fixed: Even with a German keyboard stored on the iPhone, the watch keyboard shows the expected “QWERTY”. At least the keyboard doesn’t disappear anymore, which happened in the meantime.

How it is possible that Apple takes so much time integrating the keyboard on the Series 7 remains unclear. The group uses the feature in its advertising, which is why there should be many users who buy the watch in anticipation of its usability. So far they have been disappointed. It remains to be seen whether anything will change with watchOS 8.4, which Apple is currently working on.

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