AsyncAPI specification lands at Linux Foundation

The sister project of the OpenAPI initiative can now also be found at the open source organization. It helps in developing asynchronous APIs.

 AsyncAPI specification lands on Linux Foundation

The Linux Foundation has the AsyncAPI initiative at taken her wing. AsyncAPI is a specification and collection of open source tools to help work with asynchronous APIs and event-driven architectures. The hope is that the open governance model developed and standardized by the Linux Foundation will ensure the initiative continues to thrive.

Initial supporters of the AsyncAPI initiative include Ably Realtime, Apideck, Bump, IQVIA Technologies, Slack, Solace and TIBCO. It’s also worth noting that the previous spec leaders announced a partnership with Postman in December 2020. Postman is a collaboration platform for developing APIs. According to the current announcement, AsyncAPI is used by Adidas, PayPal, Salesforce, SAP and Slack, among others.

What is it good for?

The specification helps to unify documentation automation and the code generation, and managing, testing, and monitoring asynchronous APIs. It provides a language for describing the interface of event-driven systems, regardless of the underlying technology, and is intended to support the entire development cycle of event-driven architectures. AsyncAPI is considered a sister project to the OpenAPI initiative, which focuses on synchronous REST communication and is also maintained by the Linux Foundation.

For more information, see the AsyncAPI website, blog there, and the announcement from the Linux Foundation.

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