CarPlay: These new functions are already available with iOS 16 in autumn

Apple has announced a major expansion of CarPlay that aims to transform the entire dashboard of cars. But there is also something new for existing users.

 CarPlay: These new functions will already be available with iOS 16 in autumn

In the shadow of The announced next big generation of Apple CarPlay also has some new features that will come into effect with iOS 16 in the fall. Anyone who is already using CarPlay, which provides many iPhone functions in car infotainment systems, can look forward to a number of improvements.

Tank apps for CarPlay

In the future, Apple will allow two new categories of apps for the car. Against the background of the sharp rise in petrol prices, motorists should be particularly pleased that Tank apps are allowed. These indicate where the cheapest prices are currently available. In Germany, the data is made available promptly via a government interface to approved tank apps. So far, there have been many apps for the iPhone and they are among the most sought-after in the App Store – but you couldn’t find them on the CarPlay screen.

Apps for driving tasks have also been newly approved. Apple understands this to mean, for example, programs that can call a towing service, provide support on toll roads or provide additional information about the course of the road.

Siri sends messages faster

Sending messages using the voice assistant Siri should in CarPlay will be possible faster in the future. Users can have the message sent automatically after it has been read out again. So far, Siri always asks for confirmation, which takes additional time. This improvement comes in the wake of the new ability to edit or delete text later in the Messages app.

The Podcasts app in CarPlay is said to be faster in iOS 16. Apple announced that downloaded and saved podcast episodes should be easier to find.

Next generation of CarPlay

In the keynote at the WWDC developer conference, the announcement of the next generation of CarPlay takes up a lot of space. In the future, the system should cover all screens in a car. Speedometers, car controls, controls for radio and air conditioning and much more are to be displayed via Apple software. The major extension was leaked for the first time in October 2021.

Female users and users should also find setting options here to adapt the display to their personal taste. The next generation of CarPlay is believed to be a result of the research Apple has done on cars over the past few years. Rumors have been around for quite some time that Apple might even be planning its own car. The next CarPlay generation should be available in cars that will not be announced until the end of 2023.

These car manufacturers are involved

Apple showed a list of well-known manufacturers who are willing to work together are. Among them are the German car manufacturers Mercedes, Audi and Porsche. VW, on the other hand, is not visible on the graphic. Other manufacturers mentioned are Land Rover, Nissan, Ford, Lincoln, Jaguar, Acura, Volvo, Honda, Infiniti, Polestar and Renault.

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