Classic iPhone power supply is taken off the market

The compact 5-watt adapter with USB-A says goodbye: Apple will also use USB-C power supplies for the iPhone in the future.

 Classic iPhone power supply unit is being taken off the market

For years, the iPhone came with an almost iconic power supply unit: the USB -Power adapter with five watts was nice and compact, had a classic USB-A socket and did its job of charging the Apple smartphone via a Lightning to USB-A cable. Apple has now officially removed the device, which was last only sold individually for the tolerably high price of 25 euros, from its range: It is listed as “sold out” on the company’s website.

Small, fine , outdated

Apple is also doing away with an anachronism – not just in the pricing. Because recently the 5-watt USB power adapter was out of date. The loading time was extremely slow recently due to the low performance. For comparison: Today, an iPhone with at least 18 watts is charged via a Lightning to USB-C cable in fast charging mode. According to Apple, you can charge the battery of iPhone 8 and newer models to half in about 30 minutes.

In addition, Apple is now completely using USB-C. All current iPhones or the Apple Watch are usually charged via the new connector. USB-A itself is still available almost everywhere, but is increasingly being replaced in the world by USB-C – a trend that Apple was one of the first hardware manufacturers to follow. However, the group has so far remained stubborn with the socket on the iPhone itself with the proprietary Lightning technology, as well as with the AirPods and Mac accessories such as a keyboard or trackpad.

Anachronism for 25 euros

All in all, there was no longer a good argument to keep the 5-watt USB power adapter in Apple’s lineup. Only one thing at the end of the device bothers: Apple has not yet offered a compact replacement for it. Devices such as the 18-watt USB-C power adapter (from €14.97) take up significantly more space in the bag than the 5-watt device.

Apple has stuck with it so far The use of space-saving GaN technology is still behind, after all, a dual USB-C charger has now been included in the range for the first time – although it is also not really flimsy. Apple has been putting power supplies in its iPhones for several years – allegedly for environmental and sustainability reasons years.

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