Continuous Integration: Jenkins ist Klassenerster der Cloud Delivery Foundation

The CI tool Jenkins is the first project to receive graduate status from the CDF, which is set up under the umbrella of the Linux Foundation.

 Continuous integration: Jenkins is first in class at the Cloud Delivery Foundation

The Cloud Delivery Foundation (CDF ) has appointed Jenkins to the Graduate Project. The software designed for continuous integration is the first project with the highest level of maturity. In addition, the Jenkins team has published a community-driven roadmap for the future development of the software.

The Continuous Delivery Foundation is in early 2019 under the umbrella of the Linux Foundation as a foundation for projects related to continuous integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) emerged. The open-source CI server Jenkins is one of the founding projects, as is the additional project JenkinsX, which was launched in 2018 and is designed for Docker and Kubernetes. The other two start-up projects with founding status are the Spinnaker CD platform launched by Netflix and the Tekton CI/CD tool developed by Google.

By being promoted to Graduate status, the CDF declares that Jenkins has the necessary prerequisites for a project with the highest level of maturity fulfilled at the foundation: on the technical side, a mature range of functions and growing acceptance of the software. For the community and project aspect, further development takes place under an open governance process, and the project is committed to community, inclusion and sustainability.

For the final exam, the Jenkins team published a community-driven roadmap. In addition to improvements in terms of operation and cloud or GitHub connection, the points include integration with the CDF project Tekton.

 n Continuous Integration: Jenkins is First in Class at Cloud Delivery Foundation

The connection to the other projects is highlighted in the Jenkins blog post on achieving graduate status as one of the benefits of working with the CDF. In addition, the foundation assumes a large part of the costs for the infrastructure, including for the CI/CD instances on Microsoft Azure.

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