Despite China lockdowns: “iPhone 14” components are rolling in

Apparently, Apple is still on schedule for the next generation of smartphones. According to a report from Asia, material for final assembly is slowly arriving.

 Despite China lockdowns:

Fears, the new iPhone generation could appear later this year due to supply chain problems in China, could vanish into thin air with a bit of luck – at least there are initial indications of this. According to the electronics trade journal DigiTimes, which appears in Taiwan, Apple component orders have now been received by the manufacturing companies. This would fit the usual schedule, which starts early due to the gargantuan output of iPhones the company is ordering.

Lockdowns in Shanghai and elsewhere

“Component manufacturers have started deliveries for the next-generation iPhone series, which are slated for a September launch,” the media said, citing industry sources. Previously, there had been concerns about Apple’s ability to meet the 2022 deadline after China put several major cities, including Shanghai, into lockdown for months. This also had an impact on production in Apple suppliers, as employees could no longer get to their workplaces. It also remains unclear whether the government will not order lockdowns again.

The fact that component deliveries are now starting does not mean that delays have to be avoided. Some Apple suppliers are said to be at least weeks behind their usual production sequence. In order for the well-oiled iPhone machine to run, all the components have to reach the final assemblers in China in good time – the main producer is the Taiwanese company Foxconn with its gigantic plants in the People’s Republic.

Individual models delayed?

It is conceivable that Apple will delay the delivery of individual models due to the situation. This has also been the case in the past, even if it is unpleasant for users. This is currently being predicted for the “iPhone 14 Max”, the only completely new form factor of the 2022 iPhones. This model replaces the iPhone 13 mini and is supposed to be based on the “iPhone 14 Pro Max” in terms of size.

The new iPhones for 2021 were announced on September 14, and delivery began after a short pre-order phase on September 24th. In 2020, in the middle of the pandemic, Apple only presented the iPhone 12 in its four variants in October. However, observers do not expect such a delay for 2022.

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