Element introduces permanent video rooms as a tea kitchen replacement

Element users will now be able to use fixed video rooms during their work breaks. This makes it possible to chat with colleagues.

Element introduces permanent video rooms as a substitute for a tea kitchen

With the video rooms, Element introduces a new one feature for its chat software. Like the regular rooms, these are permanent channels of communication and not one-off video calls. Accordingly, like previous rooms, they can be set up with a name, theme and visibility settings and also appear in the normal room list. First of all, the desktop or web clients from Element are required.

Technically, these video rooms are based on Jitsi, which is already used for group calls in Element. However, the developers have been working on Element, a conferencing app exclusively based on Matrix, since March. Like the video rooms themselves, it is still in a beta phase. However, once the former are completed, they should be used in the background. With this step, the call functions should be better integrated into the remaining Element applications from the user’s point of view, and pure language areas including a push-to-talk function should also be set up from then on.

Element also has its new search function completed. With it, users can track down specific messages, rooms and people, and filters for past searches are also on board. All information about the update can be found in the developer’s blog. Element is a free messenger and is based on the Matrix protocol, which is also free. Business customers can also get advice on operating their own Matrix-based messengers, which include the French state, the German armed forces and the German healthcare system.


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