Emergency update: Microsoft fixes bugs in June patches for Windows-on-ARM

Microsoft’s June patch day updates have side effects. For Windows on ARM installations, the manufacturer distributes out-of-order updates for correction.

 Emergency update: Microsoft fixes June patches for Windows-on-ARM

Also Microsoft’s June patchday updates have some unwanted side effects. After applying the updates, devices with ARM processors and certain services running on them can no longer log into Azure Active Directories (AAD). The manufacturer has now released emergency updates that eliminate this problem.

In the release health notes, Microsoft explains the details of the error: “After installing [the Windows updates from June] on ARM -based Windows devices may not be able to sign in using Azure Active Directory (AAD). Apps and services that use Azure Active Directory for sign in may also be affected.” The company lists VPN connections, Microsoft Teams, OneDrive and Outlook as among the services affected.

Solutions for Windows-on-ARM problems

Microsoft proposes as a temporary solution, easy to use the web versions of the Teams, OneDrive and Outlook.com apps. However, the developers are now providing updated updates that no longer contain the error.

The entry KB5016138 contains information about the error in Windows 11 for ARM processors and the update that upgrades the Windows version to Build -Number 22000.740 raises. For Windows 10, on the other hand, there are several emergency updates with different build numbers. The knowledgebase entry is KB5016139; the associated updates raise the Windows 10 builds to the statuses 19042.1767, 19043.1767 and 19044.1767.

The updates come to affected Windows-on-ARM machines via automatic Microsoft Update or Windows Update. However, administrators can also download them from the Windows Update Catalog. Microsoft has provided the download links for this in the KB articles.

The Windows on ARM problem is not the only undesirable side effect of the June patch day updates. Other problems have arisen with the Windows Wifi hotspot. Microsoft also lists the bug in the release health status. Under Windows 10, 11 and Server, the Internet connection can no longer transfer data when the hotspot is activated, the network is cut off. As a countermeasure, Microsoft only suggests simply deactivating the Wifi hotspot.


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