For more environmental protection: Apple is said to be using new return boxes

In a test run, Apple initially sends back repaired iPhone 12 devices in a brown instead of a white box. The US group is pursuing big goals.

For more environmental protection: Apple is said to be using new return boxes

Apple should according to a media report, have started to send the first repaired iPhones back to their owners in more environmentally friendly packaging. This initially affects the iPhone 12. Instead of a white box, a brown box is now used that has to meet certain environmental criteria. Apple also uses white boxes with minimal labeling for refurbished devices.

 For more environmental protection: Apple is committed allegedly on new return boxes

As the Apple blog Macrumors reports from an internal memo from the company, the brown packaging is completely plastic-free and made of unbleached paper. It is also certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, an international non-profit organization based in Bonn, which awards the FSC seal for more sustainable forest management.

Test run for all repairs?

It is currently a test run which, if successful, will probably be extended to all repaired devices worldwide. Apple wants to use it to advance its plastic avoidance. It should disappear from all packaging by 2025. According to the US company, it has reduced its use of plastic by 75 percent since 2015. Plastic currently accounts for four percent of all packaging.

In regular environmental reports, Apple provides information on where the company stands with its efforts to improve environmental protection. In 2021, 20 percent of all materials used in Apple hardware came from recycling.

The return boxes are used for all repaired iPhones, regardless of whether they are sent to Apple stores, authorized service partners or directly to customers go.

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