Free RHEL instead of CentOS

Red Hat is changing its developer program: In the future, users can equip up to 16 systems with RHEL – and that also for productive use.

 Free RHEL instead of CentOS

Red Hat wants to phase it out with two changes to the RHEL licensing of CentOS probably defuse a bit. On the one hand, the provider is expanding its developer program, which will allow individual developers to equip up to 16 systems with RHEL in the future. These can be used for test purposes, but it can also explicitly be systems that are in productive use.

Access to the program, the operating systems and updates are free of charge. However, you must register with Red Hat with your own account or with a third-party account via single sign-on. Red Hat support is not included; the provider also promises not to abuse the users of the program as an opportunity for sales.

Developer program for the entire department

Furthermore, complete teams can be added to the developer program in the future , which also does not cause any additional costs and does not restrict the options that can be selected. Systems from providers such as Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure can also be equipped with the free RHEL via Red Hat Cloud Access.

The changes to the developer program will take effect from February 1st. In the announcement, Red Hat also promises to present additional programs for previous CentOS applications in mid-February. The regular CentOS will say goodbye at the end of 2021, shortly after the step became known, CloudLinux announced an RHEL-compatible alternative.

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