Game of Kings: Chess Federation opens to open source software

Lichess and Stockfish are probably the most popular FOSS projects in the chess scene. The international chess association FIDE has now also recognized its advantages.

 Game of Kings: Chess Federation opens to open source software

The The international chess association FIDE is now using parts of the open source projects Lichess and Stockfish. Both are currently being used for the live board broadcasts at the current Candidates Tournament in Madrid, where the challenger for world champion Magnus Carlsen is being sought. On its website for the competition, FIDE uses the open source Lichess code to display the positions and the Stockfish chess engine for analysis.

The team behind the open-source platform Lichess, popular in the chess community, about the future cooperation. This is certainly just the start of a long, productive collaboration between the international chess federation FIDE and the open source community. At the same time, the provider assured that Lichess would remain free for users and would continue to be financed exclusively by community funds. It is not yet known whether FIDE will also be one of the sponsors from the community in the future.

Eight of the world’s best chess players will play against each other in the first and second rounds of the Candidates Tournament in Madrid until July 7th. Jan Nepomnjaschtschi, who won last year, is currently leading the field. If you want to see whether he or she could compete with the chess greats, you can use the free online tool Elometer to check it – you would have to have an Elo rating of at least 2700 for that.

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