Goodbye Lightning connector:ew low-cost iPad comes with USB-C

Apple says goodbye to the Lightning connector on tablets: Theew generation of the entry-level model is said to be switching to standard connectors.

 Goodbye Lightning connector: New low-cost iPad comes with USB-C

In addition to the iPad Air, iPad mini and iPad Pro, Apple still offers affordable entry-level iPads. This will remain so in the future, says aew report – albeit with some important changes. This includes the fact that Apple isow said to be using USB-C interfaces for its low-cost tablet.

All iPads without Lightning?

Like the Apple blog 9to5Mac citing According to informed circles, the tenth generation of the regular iPad contains a mixture ofew and old technology. It should be released this year – possibly in autumn or earlier – and codenamed “J272” wear. The Lightning connector, which hasow also been removed from all other current iPads, will apparently disappear in favor of the standard socket. Apple is also experiencing increasing pressure from regulators such as the EU Commission, who have declared war on proprietary plugs.

The other technical innovations are rather mediocre so that Apple can keep prices low. Apple isow said to be installing an A14 chip in the iPad 9 instead of the A13. It comes from the iPhone 12 from 2020 and promises a performance increase of 30 percent.

For the first time with 5G

In terms of connectivity, the low-cost model gets 5G technology instead of LTE for the first time. Wireless – although, as usual, there will also be pure WLAN variants. The display is said to grow slightly from 10.2 to 10.5 or even 10.9 inches. However, modern functions such as an improved color space (DCI-P3) or increased brightness are said to be missing. The built-in retina display has the resolution of the iPad Air.

In terms of design, it’s still unclear whether Apple wants to change anything. iPad Air, iPad Pro and iPad mini come with a more angular look with shrunken display edges, which couldow also be carried over to the iPad 10. A fingerprint sensor will probably remain on the device – it is unclear whether it will move to the sleep/wake button or remain on the front. In addition to the iPad 10, Apple is said to be working on a giant 14-inch tablet.

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