Hackers publish pictures from Iran’s torture prison

The infamous Evin prison is still running on Windows 7, so hackers were apparently able to secure gigabytes of data – including videos from the surveillance cameras.​

A hacker group has broken into the computer system of Iran’s notorious Evin prison and released video footage from the surveillance cameras. The material, which the unknowns made available to the Associated Press news agency, shows, among other things, abuse of the inmates. A video apparently shows the moment when the hackers calling themselves “Edalat-e Ali” (Ali’s Justice) taking over the monitors in the prison’s control room.

The images show how in the room with numerous surveillance monitors, some of the screens begin to flicker and then appear to display messages from the hackers. According to media reports, the words “cyber attack” and “Freedom for all political prisoners” to read. As the AP points out, the computers in the control room are apparently still running Windows 7.

The hackers claim to AP, in breaking into jail’s systems “hundreds” Having captured gigabytes of data. According to their timestamps, the recordings are mostly from the years 2020 and 2021. Guards with respirators can be seen on undated recordings, which suggests a more recent origin.

“We want the world to have our voice for the freedom of all political prisoners,” the hackers told the AP’s Dubai office. It was published on the occasion of the election of the ultra-conservative Ebrahim Raisi as President. Raisi is accused of being a judicial officer involved in the mass executions of political prisoners in 1988.

The chief of Iran’s prison system, Mohammed Mehdi Hajmohammadi, has claimed responsibility for the “unacceptable behavior” taken over by the guards, thus confirming the authenticity of the recordings. On Twitter, the state official apologized to “God Almighty” and “our dear leader”. The ‘Tragic Events’ should not be repeated.

It is rare for Iranian officials to acknowledge human rights abuses. The regime in Tehran brushes aside allegations by international human rights organizations as unfounded. But according to organizations like Human Rights Watch and reports from former prisoners, such “tragic events” in Evin the rule rather than the exception.

The prison in the Tehran district of Evin was built in 1972 under the then ruler Shah Reza Pahlavi and was initially under the dreaded secret police SAVAK. In addition to several cell blocks, including one for political prisoners, the prison has a courtroom and an execution site. After the Islamic revolution, the mullahs took over the facility, and the facility’s reputation as a notorious torture prison has not changed.

In Iran, the computer systems of the Ministry of Transport and the state railway company were recently the target of cyber attacks. Rail traffic in the country was disrupted in July when the hackers displayed their messages on the train station display boards. In addition, in recent weeks there have been protests against a new law for more internet censorship.

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