Inspired by German digitization: Chatterbox encrypts communication

Element’s new product Chatterbox brings end-to-end encryption to website-embedded communications. The German TI messenger serves as a model.

 Inspired by German digitization: Chatterbox encrypts communication

Element has another product from its Matrix portfolio -based chat applications announced. With Chatterbox, customers and companies can conduct virtual conversations with end-to-end encryption – both via the provider’s apps and desktop applications and via chats embedded on websites.

With the encryption, the provider promises in its announcement Above all, data sovereignty: Companies that work with sensitive data – such as companies in the banking or healthcare sector – could benefit from E2EE, but do not have their own chat server, but instead use offers from cloud providers. Element also counts the public sector among its potential target groups. Chatterbox itself can be hosted by customers both as an on-premises variant and booked as a managed service in the cloud.

If it is up to the provider, Chatterbox is mainly used in C2B communication (customer to company ) for use. However, users do not feel anything about the encryption, and the service does not require separate registrations or other measures, assures Elements.

Role model: German healthcare system

Element claims to have found inspiration in a German digitization project : The planned implementation of the TI Messenger chat for the healthcare industry, which is also based on matrix, is said to have started the ball rolling with its E2EE encryption, which is also planned. Element also offers such business customers consulting services, so it has already gained relevant experience with the implementation.

Chatterbox is open source under the Apache license, the source code is available on GitHub. In addition to Matrix, it relies on the open source SDK Hydrogen. The service should also be compatible with all other Matrix-based messengers. Customers are currently paying $3 per user per month for a full Element installation. For Chatterbox, which should also be bookable independently as a client, another 80 cents are added.

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