Internet Explorer 11 ends support for certain operating systems

On Wednesday, June 15, 2022, Internet Explorer 11 will end support for some operating systems. The browser dino does not die out completely.

 Internet Explorer 11 is ending support for certain operating systems

The desktop version of Internet Explorer 11 ends their support for some operating systems. As of Wednesday, June 15, 2022, the browser will no longer run on versions of Windows 10 shipped through Semi-Annual Channel. Manufacturer Microsoft recommends Internet Explorer users to switch to the Microsoft Edge browser; this also offers support for older websites and applications. Internet Explorer no longer runs on the current Windows 11 operating system; Microsoft Edge is the standard browser here anyway.

Microsoft is not making Internet Explorer disappear completely: Microsoft Edge has an Internet Explorer mode (IE mode), which allows you to continue using older applications and websites. This is important for organizations, some of which are still dependent on software based on Internet Explorer. It would be very time-consuming and expensive for these organizations to completely change their systems. Microsoft explained this in a video announcing the end of support.

IE mode in Edge until 2029

Internet Explorer mode in Microsoft Edge will be supported until at least 2029, it says on an information page from Microsoft. On another page, Microsoft has listed which versions of the Windows operating systems are still supported by Internet Explorer.

To use IE mode in Edge, users use the address bar to navigate to edge://settings /defaultbrowser. There you select under “Internet Explorer Compatibility” the desired setting. Microsoft had already announced the end of support for the browser dino and the IE mode for Edge in 2020, and just over a year ago Explorer was also dropped from the pre-release version of Windows 10.

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