iOS 16 beta: Apple wants more bug reports

In order to improve the quality of the iPhone operating system, the manufacturer is revising the error reporting process. For example, after a crash, he asks for details.

 iOS 16 beta: Apple wants more bug reports

Apple wants that Finding bugs in what is probably its most important operating system easier in the future in the beta phase. As reported by early testers of iOS 16, the first pre-release version of which has been available to registered developers since last week, the software is now more aggressively asking users to send more information to Apple in the event of problems.

Not just anymore via the feedback assistant

Instead of just using the usual – and optional – bug reporting tools that are available via the so-called feedback assistant, iOS 16 beta will in future report directly to the user after crashes . For example, if the iPhone restarts, a window will now appear after the restart stating that the iPhone “rebooted because of a problem”. became. Then you can send telemetry data and other personal information to Apple by pressing a “Share” button. This takes the complexity out of the process.

So far, the beta can also be used without giving feedback – although the transfer of analysis data to Apple and app developers is automatically active in betas, this function can be used but easily turn it off in the system settings under privacy. Then there is no information for Apple in case of problems.

Help with reporting bugs

With the beta of iOS 16 there is now a system-wide dialog that can also be used in iPadOS 16 appears to be stuck. If there are crashes, restarts or other system-relevant errors, the said dialog appears automatically, which also includes all relevant log files. At the same time, Apple has once again made it clear in its developer area how best to report bugs to the company.

Without adequate bug reporting, it is not possible for Apple to fix errors. At the beginning of iOS 15, which was released in autumn 2021, there were a whole series of problems that the company had to fix with updates – they could also have been noticed in the beta phase. That should be avoided this time, even if it means “annoying” beta users a little more with hints than was previously the case. Beta software is known to be there to make a system more stable.

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